Billions wasted over swine flu

    This is what British MP Paul Flynn had to say when he accused the World Health Organisation (WHO) of over emphasising the danger of the swine flu pandemic in a recent article on the BBC website.

    According to the article, Flynn said: “They [WHO] frightened the whole world with the possibility that a major plague was on the way…The result of that was that the world spent billions and billions of pounds on vaccines and anti-virals that will never be used. It is huge waste of money.”

    Flynn then went on to say the following: “The firewall that should exist between the commercial interests, the pharmaceutical bodies, and the scientists has been breached…We know the only people who benefited were pharmaceutical companies. They had a huge influence in defining what a pandemic is.”

    The following quote from the article seems to sum everything up: “WHO convened a panel earlier this year to conduct a ‘credible and independent review’ of how it and national authorities handled the outbreak. Two experts on the panel resigned recently because of their close ties to the UN health body and concerns over conflict of interest.”

    ‘Raising a false alarm’ too many times can lead to all sorts of trust issues with the general public and it seems that the various commercial interests of the pharmaceutical companies has led to the raising of another alarm…one that rings loud and clear whenever perceptions of ‘having the best intentions for public health’ just doesn’t seem right…especially when money is changing hands as a result of scare-mongering.

    I recently wrote an article about this early last year suggesting it was a lot of nonsense.

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