Are full body scanners at airports safe?

    We all now live in a world with massive increases of radiation from all sources and there is no escaping it. What is going to be the long term effect of all this? No one knows, but, an effect on overall health is bound to result.

    I think that we should all endeavour to avoid any more exposure wherever we can…and that includes unnecessary scans at hospitals which tend to be grossly overused.

    Over the last year or two we have had to contend with the increasing use of full body scanners at airports. Fortunately we don’t have any in New Zealand as it would require a change in legislation to permit them because of privacy issues.

    But, I still get faced with these questionable machines when I travel to the US. Apart from the invasion of privacy from the use of these scanners there are certainly a lot of unanswered questions regarding the safety of them.

    Recently I had an email from a radiologist who warned me not to believe the assertions that these machines are safe. Now, I am no radiologist or scientist so I have no way of assessing just how big the danger is from these machines, but, just applying common sense principles there is undoubtedly a risk which is why I will never go through one of them.

    It is disappointing that there has not been more public objection to these machines, or at least insistence that independent parties take actual operating machine and subject them to a series of tests to check on safety and assess the risk of malfunction on any unfortunate individual who happened to be in one at the time.

    But, as I said I am no expert on this so I thought that you may like to read a comprehensive article on the subject by clicking here.

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    I went through a full scan several times. It is unfortunate that we really do not know how this could harm us. After the flight, I felt bad. I think that we are not told the truth, arguing that it is safely.

    Introduction September 18 2019

    Hi Ann…yes, I had heard that also. I usually go via LAX but this time opted for San Francisco as I have always found it to be a more ‘friendly’ airport.

    Bruce…it certainly is problematic for people flying to the US from the UK in that as you say they don’t even get a choice of scanner or groping. As far as I know I think that they are the only country that requires that.

    I wonder if the politicians who brought in this law subject themselves and their families to these machines?

    Warren Matthews May 24 2011

    As a Radiologic Technologist I can tell you that no amount of radiation is safe and there is a cumulative effect

    Carl May 19 2011

    Hi Warren,

    I flew in the US for the first time since the full body scanners were installed in airports.   Due to my concerns about the safety of the machines, I had made up my mind that I would opt out if I was directed to one of them.   As everyone knows, that would have meant "groping" by a TSA officer which wasn’t exactly an appealing alternative.   But better that than getting excess radiation.

    Fortunately, flying out of town, I was able to get in the line that was sending people through the magnetometer.   Flying back, I didn’t see any of the body scanners in the terminal I flew out of so again, I escaped having to deal with the issue of the x-ray machine vs. groping.

    I totally agree with you about being disappointed that there hasn’t been more objection to these machines.   But sadly, people in the US have become very complacent about giving up their rights in my opinion.

    Ann Smith May 18 2011

    Yes Ann…the idea of getting groped by one of the TSA officers is not appealing. Australia is talking about installing them at all their airports. I go through Sydney each month on my way to Thailand. I hope that they don’t put them in the transit area. I have already had issues with some of the ‘robots’ who man this area.

    Last time I went through LAX their machine wasn’t working. I will be going through San Francisco in October…hopefully theirs will be broken down as well.

    Warren Matthews May 19 2011

    Hi Warren,

    I flew back from the San Francisco airport and that was the terminal that didn’t have any of the scanners in the area.

    But I don’t want to give you false hope since apparently, the airline I used recently moved to that terminal.   Perhaps, they just haven’t had the chance to install the scanners.

    Hopefully, your experience will be similar to mine when you fly there in October.

    Ann Smith May 20 2011

    Two of my friends have been subject to full body scans on several occassions when leaving England through Manchester airport. On each occassion they have either rung or emailed me asking for help. Every single time I have had to do quite a lot of healing work on them. Their etheric body has always been seriously discombulated after a scan; both ladies have felt quite ill after each of these experiences. I do energy healing/reiki and am able to sense the imbalances in people’s physical and etheric bodies. Thankfullly after I do my remote work, both ladies have made rapid recoveries.

    Where a choice is allowed, I would always opt for a "groping" by a security official. Here in the UK, my friends were not allowed any choice and had to submit to a full body scan or not fly.

    Bruce Hunter May 19 2011

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