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Are Fast Food Companies Trying to Kill Their Customers Faster Than Before?

Well, it sure seems like it! Last week, a large fast food franchise declared that their next ‘target’ (market) was New Zealand. Having already launched their secret weapon in the US a year ago, the company decided to unleash it on the New Zealand population.

The weapon in question is a bunless burger with two slices of bacon and cheese sandwiched between two slabs of fried chicken.


The ‘nutritional’ composition of this burger illustrates that sadly much of the population does not care what they put in their bodies so long as it tastes good. Take a look at the burger’s nutritional facts straight from the company’s website:

  • Calories: 540
  • Fat: 32g
  • Sodium: 1380

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’m against pretty much everything that comes out of the fast food industry. When I first heard about the launch of this fat-laden burger, I felt that the players pulling the purse-strings of the fast food industry crossed the line – a sentiment that I’m sure is shared by many others out there.


Instead of taking a responsible course of action against the obesity epidemic facing the Western World, these companies are rubbing salt into the wound.


This article on the CNN website highlights the problem and makes mention of the fact that even ice-cream and dessert companies are joining in on the act…it’s summed up perfectly by what the Lincoln Journal Star calls “fast-food-related crimes against humanity”.


Now there are some people who argue that surely it’s a matter of choice whether a person would want to eat such junk food. I couldn’t agree more! However, you have to look at the source of the problem.


It’s a given that society is demanding more convenient ways of getting their daily nutrition from meals…and if the only options come from deep fat fryers and are drenched in oil and cheese, then one cannot blame the person. A long slow death from junk food seems a better choice than starvation due to a lack of time for seeking out healthy meals.


Fast food can definitely be fast and convenient…it can also be fast, convenient and healthy, although fast food companies choose to make the majority of their menus unhealthy. It seems as if they’re hell-bent on killing their customers faster than ever before…limiting their menus of any healthy options and opting for the artery-clogging, type-2 diabetes inducing meals.


In the rare case of a fast food menu actually containing a healthy meal, the price tends to either put off the customer or is out of the person’s budget range. Talk about funneling your customers into an early grave!


It’s a difficult problem to deal with. Imagine trying to make this stuff illegal? As I said earlier so many people do not care about what something they eat is doing to their bodies so long as the feel good whilst they are eating it. Until they wake up to this we are all paying the price with the costs of caring for these people when they get ill as a result of their self-indulgence.


  • “Here’s the problem I have with this whole article: What process in the human body turns animal fat (ie grease) into human fat? There is no such process. The human body turns sugars and starches into fat when it cannot use them for energy. I cannot understand why everyone seems to be scared to death of grease and salt. I read articles from several doctors (with whom I agree) who claim that the real issue here is high glycemic index and processing food until it has no nutritional value. Why are we sweating over calories and high LDL cholesterol? We should be worrying about whether or not our food is raw (unprocessed) and whether we are consuming enough antioxidents. Are we avoiding the toxins in our food chain that cause the cancers and other degenerative deseases? In the US we often need to avoid our AMA doctors just to avoid being prescribed some "miracle" drug that is in fact a slow acting poison. You of course realize that Chemo therapy is carcenagenic. US medicine is in the dark ages. Avoid AMA doctors (except in the case of physical trauma) and live longer. That’s my advise.”

    Richard Muse April 08 2011

  • “As someone that has recently lost roughly 130 lbs. by avoiding starches and sugars, I feel that this particular sandwich is great. Sure, it’s far from perfect and too much of anything will have negative consequences, but you can get this without the "fried" option and no sugary sauces and you have something that’s not going to kill you right away. The triple buns with processed cheese food, sweetened sauces, rehydrated onion flakes and sugar laced lettuce is what’s really causing the bulk of the damage. Animal protein alone isn’t bad. Dairy isn’t great, but it’s FAR better than the bun. I think that where this comes into the spotlight is that it goes against "common wisdom". It goes against what most diet trends have put forth for the past 30 years. It’s an insult to that thinking. However, in the past 30 years as people avoided fat and ate more "fortified with … " processed foods, they got heavier and sicker. I say … if you’ve got to .. and I mean GOT TO go to the drive-in, this is what you should eat. If you have the time, however, make a salad with some nice raw veggies and some fish (also raw, if you like!). It doesn’t take long, is likely to be more tasty, you’ll feel better and it’s MUCH better for you. This is ok. Not great, but … it’s time for the common wisdom to update it’s thinking. It’s time to "think outside the bun".”

    DJ April 11 2011

  • “This is quite sad but true. Fast food companies spend millions of dollars creating more addictive products. What’s even more sad is they love to start on our youngsters with toys and other gimmicks. When I hear of kids eating too much fast food, my heart just cries to their souls and I always try to sway the parents into change. I won’t even get into vaccines. Type II diabetes is, IMO, already a silent pandemic and much more dangerous than the hyped flu’s we’ve heard about in recent years. Big pharmaceuticals are laughing all the way to the bank and the regulators could care less because they are all part of the same ponzi structure. It doesn’t take very long to free oneself from this dangerous addiction, your body will help you get over it. There are many healthier options out there and you’ll feel much better. Change starts with oneself. Become proactive and you won’t have to react to anything by going to the doctor so often. Fast food places are just a distant memory. ”

    lightwaves April 07 2011

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