Another Earthquake...

    Well, New Zealand and in particular Christchurch is certainly living up to its name ‘shaky islands’. Yesterday we had two quakes in quick succession. The first a 5.7 and shortly after a 6.3 at a depth of just 6kms!

    The location of it was similar to the one in February, but the damage was not as severe, probably due to the fact that most of the buildings that were going to come down have already done so.

    There has been a lot of liquefaction as in the last one but that will be cleaned up quickly. By the way, they estimated that there was over 500,000 tonnes of liquefaction removed from the last quake. Anyone got a good use for half a million tons of silt? :)

    In so far as Xtend-Life is concerned the impact is far less than last time. We expect to be back in production by the end of this week and attending to customers hopefully by tomorrow.

    We learnt quite a lot from the last quake and are now better prepared. Our buildings all seem OK but will be checked today by structural engineers.

    Shipments will be back to normal and the maximum delays that this will have caused to customers will be three days. I apologise for that.

    We were ready to release both the Digesten-K and the new Facewash next week. That may still be possible but we may have to delay it a few days whilst we attend to getting everything else back to normal.

    Fortunately this time there appears to have been no loss of life in Christchurch. You can get some more info about the latest earthquake by clicking here.

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    Dear Warren and all the X-tend Life group, Greetings from Bangkok. Good to hear everyone is safe and wish you well. Thank you for coming out with great products which have helped so many people and for being true and producing good quality supplements. Take care and stay safe and hope mother nature takes a long nap now. Best Wishes always. Mona Cabel and Family from Bangkok.

    MONA CABEL June 15 2011

    I’m sending my regards to all member of xtend-life and wish you all safety…

    R.B July 03 2011

    I am relieved and glad that all of you are fine. Also, I would like to congratulate xtend-life team on the release of your new products and I am very sure it will bring great benefit to all your customers. Looking forward to be the first to try these great products.

    Jessica Seto June 19 2011

    So glad to hear that you are all safe.  I was rather anxious when news first arrived in Sydney about the quake.  Not another one!  I could see how people were so stressed and afraid on the tv coverage.  So sad really.  You just have to be thick skinned to live in Christchurch now and we wish you all well.

    Kind regards,
    Mariette and Ho San Leong

    Mariette Leong June 16 2011

    I heard the news yesterday and I am relieved to hear that all of you are safe.

    Carl June 15 2011

    I hope no one was injured. I wish you all the best and a quick recovery back to some sort of "normalcy". Good luck with everything and thank you for the update and as always, caring about your customers.

    Kindest regards,

    Cheryl G. June 14 2011

    Like I said before – you should consider MOVING off that crater of sand, fire and brimstone.

    Wally June 17 2011

    Hello everyone at Xtend-life…..I’m so sorry about the earthqauke the other day, glad no one was hurt.
    I have been enjoying all my products so far…I love them so much I could eat them.
    You mentioned facewash……Oh My Gosh, I was wondering in my mind if you would thing about making facewash. I’m so excited, SUPER!!!! Happy!!

    I love you guys…Three of my 14 products is done already…I love, love the lotion, and it’s finished. I will wait until you post the new ones, and then I will order what finish and the new ones.

    Thank you all so much, you are the best…so glad I found your site!!!


    Sonia June 17 2011

    I am very happy to see your post today Warren and learn that everyone is safe.

    Best wishes,


    Betty Staton June 15 2011

    You are real troopers over there in NZ! Glad you had no loss of life this time and less damage. Don’t apologise for delays – can’t believe you have kept things progressing as well as you have. Good luck and sooo looking froward to the new facewash!

    lynn June 16 2011

    Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts. Hey Wally, I understand your sentiments…but, we figure that we are probably going to be OK here for another 1000 years. :) This is our home and it is the first time in living memory that natural events of this magnitude have occurred in Christchurch…but, they certainly occurred many years ago before NZ was settled. I take the view that anywhere there are mountains there is a risk of earthquakes because that is how they got there in the first place.

    Anyway, the good news is that we are back in production and the shipping of product was only delayed one day.

    It has however delayed our move into new larger offices and warehouse just down the road from our current facility. We now have to wait for an engineers report. The annoying thing is that all the new carparking area which was destroyed in the Feb quake was just finished and sealed on the Friday…then on Monday it was destroyed again with the last quake. Bit of a pain.

    Warren Matthews June 21 2011

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. Thank you for posting your status so quickly. Keeping you all in my prayers! God Bless, Karen

    Karen June 17 2011

    The BBC news program had a bit on your aftershocks as well as a volcano in Chile playing havoc with airline schedules in Australia and New Zealand. Aftershocks are part of the game. I know firsthand, living in Los Angeles, what that can be like. We always have to be prepared for the "Big One". As one of your customers who relies on a steady delivery of bee pollen, you have not failed me yet. It must be difficult for you and yours living in this area right now as you never know what might happen next. My prayers are with you.

    Bill June 17 2011

    hey, i am glad you are fine. Sending love and ligt to all people of NZ !

    Kiril June 16 2011

    We were quite concerned about the latest earthquake again and are happy to hear that you were better prepared this time and that there were no injuries. We are thinking about you!

    Madeleine Spence

    Xtend-Life Expert June 17 2011

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