And The Winner Is… Xtend-Life’s Zupafoods Elite!

Losing is never fun, and while most Oscar nominees claim that “just to be nominated” for the award is an honor, losing can be a hard pill to swallow. Luckily, the Academy Awards have figured out a way send everyone home as winners… with the world's most luxurious goodie bags. And that is where our new product, Zupafood Elite comes in.

A few, short weeks ago, Zupafood made its debut at the Oscars, and we already have a celebrity fan! Lorielle New, a Hollywood actress, says, “Thanks so much. I am enjoying your wonderful products.”

We are thrilled to get feedback from this glamourous event, but we’d love to hear from everyone. Recently, we started putting together video testimonials from some of our most loyal customers, and we cannot wait to share these with you!

How about you? Do you have something to say about our products? If so, we’d love to hear from you via a video testimonial. You can either leave us a comment below, or email our customer service team at We can’t guarantee it will make you famous, but you may get to share your feedback with a huge, worldwide audience!

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Hi Jim,  

Thanks for your comment. I can understand how you feel about some of these things. Firstly, we work hard to make sure that our products are leaders in each class, and we have been busy working on new products, including our Zupafood products and a best-in-class exfoliator without using microbeads. In regard to content, you are right there has been a change, and that is something that we have to do now. The rules as they stand now are tighter than ever. 

You are certainly right that we can get by without all the nutrients that are available. However it is also correct that many foods are now very nutritionally poor, and this leaves our bodies with a lot less to work with to produce the vast array of compounds needed to function optimally. All of the nutrients that we include in our supplements provide benefits to our overall health and wellness, so there are real benefits.

Best regards,

Kane Matthews

Kane Matthews April 23 2015

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your feedback.

We understand your concerns and would like to assure you that our company values have not changed.

We pride ourselves on quality and using science to get the best out of nature.  We have been experiencing some exciting growth over the last few years and this is thanks to our loyal customers.

Your suggestion of a little gift is definitely a good one.  We have been running a few small campaigns over the past year to find ways to acknowledge and thank our customers; and we hope to do even more in the coming year!

I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our online newsletters to be a part of this.

In good health,


Customer Relations March 24 2015

Hi Larry

Sorry for the delay in responding.  I have been travelling and still am and I wanted to reply myself.

The issues that are raised in this article about Vitamin E, A and folic acid etc have been around for some years and they have been largely discredited.

There were some studies that showed for example that Vitamin E can a negative result as did beta carotene on smokers.  Actually that would not be a surprise because most of the vitamin E used is a synthetic alpha tocopherol which should never be used in isolation.  We have been aware of this for the last 16 years which is why we use a natural form and combine it with natural tocotrienols which is the component of Vitamin E that is missing in most multis.  The reason being it that is MUCH more expensive than the ordinary Vitamin E.  Without that component you would never get a good result.

The same principle applies to Vitamin A, we only use natural precursors to get the benefits which has been proven to be effective.  

Unfortunately, there are many studies that have been carried out over the years which discredit some form of natural supplement but often when you investigate further it is found that they used synthetic forms of a substance in the study, in isolation which can do more harm than good.  Sometimes these studies have been set up by interested parties to fail deliberately.

However, the good news is that there is overwhelming evidence that when the right form of these ingredients are used and they are put together with other ingredients to best simulate nature that the results are what you hope them to be.

I have been taking 7 tablets a day of our Total Balance for 16 years and it is without doubt a major factor in my good health.

Hope that puts you at ease Larry.  Let me know if you would like any more info.



Warren Matthews June 21 2016

I’m kind of Surprised how xtend life used critic brands that associate themselves with Hollywood and celebrities.. To now adding xtend products to Hollywood bags lol

Maybe should add a little gift to their loyal customers at times which xtend never does even if they spend thousand with xtend 

Most xtend customers buy from xtend due to quality and by the fact the brand not being a big commercialized brand less science focused. I noticed in recent years ever since th expansion.. The brand is evolving and looking more like it’s competitors.

Ar the end of the day xtend is a business and I respect that! I’m just saying don’t fall in the trap of others and become like them because xtend focus was to change life’s always which they did over the years 

Jenny March 20 2015

I agree with what Jenny "almost said".  Since I first discovered entendlife products years ago I have felt that they were superior to most, if not all others.  Recently I have wondered more and more if the company isn’t getting caught up in same "business is business" mode that most other companies are in.  As I read the labels I see "xxxx  MAY" do such and such.  Well maybe it does and then maybe it doesn’t do such and such.  I realize that you can’t say "this will cure whatever" so you must resort to MAY.  However, way back when foods were still good and not depleted of nutrients because the soil was depleted, and often toxic, all of these hundreds of nutrients weren’t available in ALL the foods.  People were fairly healthy getting only some of the myriads of available nutrients.  Just because a nutrient exist, doesn’t mean we have to have it in a supplement.  Enough is nearly always enough.

Jim Lewis April 14 2015

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