A Voyage...

    You will notice some changes in the frequency of the blog postings by me personally over the next few months.  This is because I have just embarked on a significant voyage in my boat from New Zealand to Thailand, a distance of around 15,000kms.  This is something that I have wanted to do all my life but because of business commitments it has not been practical.

    However, now with an excellent management team in place at Xtend-Life, I am now able to do this.  I will still be reviewing emails and responding but it won’t be as quick as normal, because I will be somewhere in the middle of the ocean.  Systems have been set up for my emails to be reviewed and passed on to the appropriate staff member to respond on my behalf, so there will be no reduction in service.  If a communication is directed to be personally I will still get it when I am back on land.

    Not only will this ‘adventure’ fulfill some of my personal objectives, it will directly benefit Xtend-Life and all our customers.  This is because for the first time for some years, I will have the time during the ‘settled’ parts of the trip to focus more of my energy to research about various health issues that I can pass on to readers and help in our on-going efforts to improve our products.

    Some customers have expressed an interest in following the voyage which can be done through my personal blog I have set up to follow the trip’s progress.  If you wish to subscribe to updates you can do so through the website www.naturalhigh-adventures.com

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