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A Pharmaceutical firm trying to ban Vitamin B5

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I will soon be doing a series of blog articles exposing some of the 'tricks' pharmaceutical companies get up to in order to boost their 'bottom lines'.

Part of this series will also give you cause to rethink the reliability of the 'gold standard' double blind placebo trials that the company's hang their 'hats' on.

Anyway, I thought I should share a bit of information with you about a petition organized earlier this year to counter a citizen's petition lodged by a pharmaceutical firm Medicure Pharma to the FDA. The objective of this petition is to ban the active form of Vitamin B6 called pyridoxal-5'-phosphate. The reason submitted by Medicure Pharma? I quote:

"Pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs must be protected from companies that may seek to market the ingredients in those drugs as dietary supplements..."

"The marketing of such products has the potential to undermine the incentive for the development of new drugs because many people may choose to purchase the supplements rather than the drugs."

The reality is that this form of Vitamin B6 is the natural form and has been available in food since we humans first walked the earth. I accept that it is not common in supplements because it is much more expensive than the 'normal' form of B6, but we have been using it for years as it is MUCH more effective. The body has to convert the common form of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) to the active form pyridoxal-5′-phosphate. However, many people cannot effectively make the conversion which is why we use it.

You may think that is OK... if this form is banned we can always revert back to the 'pyridoxine' and get our Vitamin B6 that way even though it is not as effective.  But... hang on... that may not be possible either because the 'pyridoxine' converts in the body to pyridoxal-5′-phosphate (although not very effectively) so the Pharma company will put forward as part of their argument that ALL forms of B6 should be banned because some of it ends up in the body similar to the drug that they are trying to develop.

In my view the efforts that this company is making to ban Vitamin B6 is scandalous and they should not succeed.

If you would like to know more about this and perhaps actively do something about it, I would suggest that you go to the website at 'Alliance for Natural Health' and learn more by clicking here (Article: Action Alert: Natural, Bioavailable Forms of B6 in Peril!)



  • “Hello Ruth, I read your article about EDTA. Please tell me from where did you buy it as I would like to buy the natural EDTA. Keep Up the Good Work guys an put shame on FDA. Syed ”

    Syed Sultan December 25 2010

  • “I just visited the website and signed the letter to the FDA. Does the Health Industry lobby as Big Pharma does?”

    Carl December 15 2010

  • “Hi, Just an example: I asked my heart specialist about edta capsules.  He laughed and said, they are useless. Inspite I have now been taking only for 2 months edta and had a doppler made last Monday.  My carotid artery which was totally blocked after an operation five years back, has opened somewhat and lets through blood again. All the Simvastatin, Plavix, Adiro, etc. etc. I swallowed and spoiled my stomach in the process, could not open my artery which edta started to do within 2 months.  My doctor was stunned to say the least. EDTA is a natural product. That’s all I can say greets Ruth Hanna”

    ruth December 17 2010

  • “Thanks Carl…the natural health industry does its best to lobby but it is hopelessly ‘outgunned’ by the wealth of the pharmaceutical industry. The biggest thing that the natural health industry has going for it is the power of the large number of thinking people out there who understand what is going on and won’t accept being dictated to.”

    Warren Matthews December 15 2010

  • “Also visited the web site and signed the letter to the FDA and my representatives.  It is longed for that more companies would be ruled by individuals who are governed internally by principles of honesty and integrity.  And that companies would allow only that to be produced that is really in the best interest of the customer.  When governments, companies, and individuals merely work the system it seems that a stable world can only spiral apart.  There is a cost for throwing away foundational values.”

    Mike December 17 2010

  • “I heartly agree to all of the Above. I went to a urologist a few years ago, who charged me, among other things $350 for a 15 minute "consultation", in which I asked him about using pygeum and saw palmetto for prostate control. He laughed, like I was a fool, and whipped out an article he had in his desk, (very handy) and it was a medical review expressing that saw palmetto had no proven value, aka it was worthless. Personally, from my own experiences, I believe almost all doctors are financially orientated to the point where they will protect their turf in any which way, against any natural products that might cut into their business. Pharmaceutical Companies, and their body guards in the FDA  are even worse. Ask Dr. Julian Wittacre, Gary Null Phd., and Dr. Wright, among others who have seen the FDA’s wrath.Capitalism with a new spin.”

    Richard Schultz December 20 2010

  • “I had NO IDEA this was even going on!! This really angers me that again, Big Phama is trying to keep us all sick and on meds! They will be fighting to keep those of us who aren’t yet sick from being able to prevent ill health. They WANT us to get sick and STAY sick! This is the exact reason I decided to not go to med school after all and I began practicing alternative medicine. A healthy lifestyle and natural supplements, vitamins and food should not even be called "alternative." It should be the way of life God intended. But greedy companies have ruined the health of society by keeping us doped up and emptying our pockets by keeping people alive and sick for a longer time than we should be. Like poor Ruth who could’ve had a much healthier corotid artery years ago, had her "sick" care provider done the right thing for her and helped her body heal itself NATURALLY! I had a similar issue with my general sick care physician when I suffered many of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue syndrome. She said there was no cure, and that she wasn’t even familiar with that ailment, and proceeded to write me an Rx for antidepressants and told me to exercise. I went on a mad hunt for a natural way to cure my sluggish metabolism and burnt out adrenal glands and guess what?? With products and advice from Xtend-life and other natural health sites and books, I AM CURED NATURALLY! Many of my other little minor health issues also were cured in the process, like horrible pms and bad skin and nails. My horribly embarrassing excessive underarm sweating problem went away totally and I didn’t even know it was related to my diet and nutrition :) Many of us who care a lot about our own and our family’s health, do the research it takes to go against the broken system of "sick" care (can’t really call it health care) for true optimal heatlh. I’m signing that petition ASAP! Please Warren, keep us posted on whatever new findings come up on this issue.”

    Jennifer January 04 2011

  • “How true! Drug reps come to our practice on a weekly basis and bring lunches for our 70 employees without blinking an eye. It’s time for the natural supplement industry to develope a plan B in the event that government restrictions are enacted.”

    Carl December 15 2010

  • “I have a blood disorder my doctor calls pseudo essential thrombocythemia. Not only do I have to take a RX he also wants me to take a baby aspirin daily. Your fish oils (along with all your other products) are wonderful so I refuse to take aspirin. He gets hostile about me taking fish oil as opposed to aspirin. His comment is "we don’t know about fish oil but we know a lot about aspirin". He is the top professor in hemotology and oncology at a major university in the Midwest. Scarey!”

    Laurie L December 22 2010

  • “Hi Jennifer,  thank you so much for sharing this with us. ”

    Warren Matthews January 06 2011

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