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7 Natural Tips for Healthier Curls

Curly hair has a well-earned reputation for being one of the hardest hair types to manage and style. The challenge of caring for curls is that it’s drier, affected more by humidity, more prone to split ends and breakage, and trying to brush it…let’s not even go there.

My hair is naturally curly. Like, really curly.  It also used to be incredibly dry.

I am frequently stopped and asked by woman if I perm my hair, umm no! I am also asked what products I use to keep my curls in great condition.

If you're like me, have thick, natural curls, you will know that it can be totally amazing or utterly frustrating. I was once frustrated by dryness, frizz and how unmanageable my hair was, I often opted to go for straighter styles, which made the condition of my hair worse. 

Then I finally figured out that to make the most of my curly hair it was time to restore and embrace my natural curls, I have not looked back. Here are my tips:


By this, I mean let your hair do its own thing, some days my curls seem to take on a life of their own and I have no control. Once I would spend hours trying to tame-the-mane. Then I met a stylist who explained to me I would never win the hair battle, I had what everyone wanted, so stop fighting it. What I needed to focus on was the condition of my hair, I threw away my straighteners that day, and I have never looked back!


If you've got curly hair, you probably have naturally dry and damage-prone hair. Look for products that are especially designed for curly hair, the key is to use products that nourish hair in order to establish the proper foundation. It can be quite a journey to find just the right solutions because no two curl patterns are the same

Redken curvaceous shampoo and conditioner work well on taming my tresses. The curvaceous range has been designed for curly hair and works to make the hair-shaft smoother and more manageable.


Avoid frequent shampooing as washing your hair to often can strip strands leaving your hair dry and brittle, I shampoo twice each week, but refresh my curls daily by washing with conditioner, to keep them fresh and hydrated. I also only ever comb my hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb, once I have applied conditioner – this keeps curls uniform.


By applying your styling products to wet hair with your fingers you’ll quickly notice a reduction in frizz and hair breakage. Thirsty dry hair will become smoother and more manageable because your hair is absorbing all of the product into the cuticle as it drys, so your styling products no longer sit on your hair weighing it down


I do not own a hairdryer, and I gave away my irons. I always air dry my hair, usually in the car on the way to work, using the air conditioning. Why? Because to much heat will damage and further dry your hair. Heat strips moisture. Think of your car as a giant hair diffuser. I have been known to race out of the house and do a few laps around the block to dry my hair if I have dinner plans, just ensure the heat is on the floor and the air-con is ON.


Here’s the thing about hair. Most people including stylists associate the condition of your hair and scalp with the topical hair products that you use, but the reality is the condition of your hair and scalp is often a reflection of what is going on inside our bodies. Along with a proper, diet healthy hair needs essential fatty acids, which aids dry and brittle hair and improves the texture.

My hair was craving good fats! Omega 3 has a huge celebrity following…think Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry and Lisa Snowden who all sing the praises of taking omega 3 supplements, all rocking great hair.

One of the biggest game-changes for the condition of my hair has been Xtend-Life’s Omega 3 / QH Premium with Ubiquinol. The benefits I have found include added luster, sheen and elasticity to my curls, less breakage and split ends as well, because my hair is enriched with nutrients and stronger and glossier, thank you Gwyneth Paltrow!

It's important however, if you are taking Omega 3, that you take the right amount as too little will make little difference to your hair.


Collagen is a major component in hair growth and can affect hair texture, growth and thickness. As we age, collagen production slows down, and our hair gradually becomes more brittle and breakage occurs.

We've all heard of collagen and omega 3 separately, however, what I had not realized was that these ingredients work incredibly well together - one potent ingredient with another, can often significantly increase effectiveness.

I was taking Skin-Support which is packed with Collagen, along with Omega. Three months of taking these two products in combination, daily, resulted in thicker, stronger and hair. My hair is longer than it has been in years because it is less prone to snapping, breakage and frizz.

Lastly. Healthy hair thrives on a healthy body. Your hair, skin and nails are non-essential tissues, which means they are the last things to receive the nutrients they need to look their best. Your vital organs will always have priority of the nutrients. A well balanced diet is a good start however, you may not be getting the proper amount of nutrients needed to create shiny, healthy hair.

DO consider beauty from within supplements, my decision to replace my collagen which was depleting with age, was made to help the fight the aging process, however replenishing my collagen levels has been a pure BONUS for the health of my hair, the tremendous efficacy of collagen combined with Omega 3 / QH Premium Fish Oil is evident not just in the appearance of my hair, but also my skin and nails.

Is the condition of your hair a problem for you? If you are reading this, the answer may be yes. Our qualified team are here to help, feel free to drop them a line at


  • “Hello Garfield Thank you for your enquiry, we are an online company and we do ship to Malaysia through regular mail or courier. Regular mail is free for orders over $60 and costs $6.50 for orders under $60. Delivery time for regular mail is 10-15 business days and there is no tracking number on this. If you prefer to track your order for peace of mind, courier costs $27.50 and delivery for this is 4-7 business days. Here is a link to Zupafood for SKIN In Good Health  Julie  ”

    Xtend-Life Expert May 17 2016

  • “Hi Caitlyn, Thanks for your hair tip! I am sure Julie will be happy to try it out. In good health, Madelynn”

    Xtend-Life Expert January 25 2016

  • “My hair is exactly like yours and I have a shortcut that trumps all of these problems. THE BEST treatment that prevents split ends, keeps is curling wildly and gorgeously when it dries is…drum roll… Natural raw jojoba oil. I apply about 2 tablespoons to wet just-washed hair maybe once every 6 weeks and let it air dry. I put it on in the morning, leave it in all day and wash it put the next morning. It costs $8 at Trader Joe’s and one bottle lasts about a year.”

    Caitlyn January 19 2016

  • “PS – I rub it into my scalp and it prevents drandruff, too.”

    Caitlyn January 19 2016

  • “Hi Debbie, Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I am glad that you found it interesting. Do try our Zupafood SKIN – the collagen in it is amazing – as is the Omega QH Ultra. I get comments on the good condition on my hair everyday. Good luck on your hair journey. Regards, Julie”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 09 2015

  • “What about fine hair Products best.”

    me September 12 2015

  • “very interesting read. I have long naturally curly hair that manages me and not the other way round lol ”

    Xtend-Life Expert November 04 2015

  • “Hi where can i buy Zupafood in Malaysia?”

    Garfield May 17 2016

  • “Hi there ‘Me’, It does not matter whether your hair is fine, thick, thin or curly, our range of supplements may help improve or maintain good hair and skin.   Omega 3 DHA Fish oil is great for any hair type.  Our Omega 3 Premium and Omega 3 QH Ultra also contain lycopene which is another powerful antioxidant helpful for both skin and hair.   Our Total Balance range of supplements, also have great ingredients such as biotin and lycopene to support good hair as well as skin and nails amongst other health benefits.   On a personal note, when you go through menopause one the things you notice is hair loss.  Since I have both fine and thin hair, I felt it was quite noticeable and was quite self-conscious about my hair.  I found, since using Omega 3 QH Ultra for over 2 years, my hair is stronger, shinier and the biggie – I was not losing as much hair!   What else can you do for good hair, add more fresh vegetables, fruit, oily fish and plain h2o instead of fizzy drinks will certainly reflect in both your hair and skin with the added bonus to overall health.  Kind regards Sheela ”

    Customer Relations September 14 2015

  • “My daughter has extremely curly hair and I have super thick wavy hair. We swear by Jojoba Oil. The stuff is liquid gold! � We use in our scalp or use a quarter size amount every two months or so (run through wet hair and let set in overnight) ”

    Celina August 09 2016

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