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Women's Health

Partner with us for a lifetime of good health

For those wanting to regain optimal health or maintain it, Xtend-Life - with its history of innovation - can help. Our all natural, scientifically formulated health products are many years ahead of its time, and our focus on quality, purity and potency delivers results never before seen in products of this kind.

Select one of the relevant categories below, for products that are just right for you.

General Health & Energy

With today’s demanding lifestyle, no matter your health status, you need advanced nutritional supplements to help build and maintain excellent health.

Hormonal Support

Apart from PMS, mood swings, and intense menopause symptoms, this change in hormone status can also play a role in abdominal weight gain, lack of energy and chronic stress.

Beauty From Within

Beautiful skin, hair and nails are dependent on healthy, well-functioning internal systems. They reflect the state of our internal health and are often the first warning signs.

Digestive Support

If your digestive system is compromised, good overall health is simply not possible no matter what else you may do. Check these three signs to see if your system works well.

Bone & Joint Health

Many people believe the cause of poor bone health is lack of calcium intake. Although it is a factor but we cannot ignore important role of pH imbalance in bone density loss.

Brain & Nervous System

The incidences of Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia are sadly becoming more and more common and are developing in people at a younger age.

Cardio Support

The overwhelming majority of heart/stroke events are preventable! Most of them are caused through inflammation in the blood, not high cholesterol as is generally suggested.

Immune Support

The first line of defence is a healthy lifestyle, a wholesome diet and adequate exercise. Very few of us adhere to all and Even if we did it is still not enough.

Metabolic Syndrome Support

Metabolic syndrome conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, are running rampant in the world. Many but not all factors are related to lifestyle and diet issues.


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