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Neuro-Natural Sleep

(12) 5/5

Supports healthy sleeping patterns

  • Promotes healthy, restful sleep
  • Encourages healthy night time brain activity
  • Supports immune health and overall sense of well-being

Size: 90 tablets

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Customer Reviews

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


Wonderful product

By Tanya Rancourt, Canada on January 17, 2018

Verified user

Have had insomnia for 9 years and this is the first natural product I’ve tried that helps me. By the time you’re ready for bed, your brain is powering down and it just eases you to aid in sleep, doesn’t make you sleepy or keep you sleeping but definitely helps calms your body and makes a difference as opposed to taking nothing.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


Love this one!

By sallyc, United States of America on January 17, 2018

Verified user

This is an awesome product for de-stressing the mind/body at bedtime! It worked perfectly the first night and every night since with no 'hangover' feeling in the morning. Hubby is taking it as well and we won't be without it again. So glad to have found good NATURAL products with such great Customer Service, as well.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


A good nights sleep.

By Barry F, United States of America on March 11, 2017

With all the hustle and demands of every day life, it is nice to know there is a healthy supplement for a little help on sleepless nights.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


Calms my mind

By Terry K, United States of America on January 20, 2017

Verified user

I frequently suffer from insomnia. I have trouble going to sleep but I don't usually have trouble staying asleep. I've tried many things but none worked well or for long. The Neuro Natural Sleep helps to calms my mind so I can sleep. It doesn't leave me groggy in the morning. I feel fine. I don't take all 6 pills. I usually just take 2 or 3. I don't take them everyday. I take them if I notice my mind racing after I go to bed. They start to work quickly and I don't have to worry about having 8 hours left to sleep. I've taken them when I had to be up just a few hours later. They don't actually make me feel tired. They just calm my mind so I can sleep. They are an answer to a prayer and I love them!

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


An excellent sleep restoring supplement

By Jacqueline S, Australia on May 08, 2016

Verified user

I have tried many sleep supplements and finally have found your product. I now fall asleep faster and it has improved the actual quality of the slumber in that I stay asleep and am aware of dreaming again and wake up refreshed. That to me is worth every dollar spent on this product. As my insomnia is caused partly by my busy mind mulling over work related issues and life concerns I intend taking Neuro-Serenity in conjuntion with Neuro -Sleep for an even better result.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


Deeper sleep

By Stephen H, Philippines on April 07, 2016

Verified user

These really do help with sleep ... one thing to note is the product doesn't knock you out, you can take and it and still stay up for a long time, it makes you feel a bit sleepy but you can still stay up ...... you have to actually lie down and then it begins to kick in. After i had laid down i went of to sleep much quicker, with deeper sleep and waking refreshed.... also i don't think these are good for just one time sleeping , or the odd use .... i used to do that but it works much better when taking everyday.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1
I slept well for the first time in many years.

By Andrea, Holland on March 10, 2016

I just want to let you guys know how wonderful your sleep formula is, I have tried everything before this with no results and your product is amazing. I slept well for the first time in many years. Please pass this on to the manager or head. I am very happy with your products

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1
I felt a deeper calm in my nervous system and I found it was easier to relax.

By Mashubi, USA, United States of America on March 10, 2016

Verified user

I've had terrible trouble sleeping for a number of years. I am not able to use most sleep medications whose side effects are too much for my body. I was searching for natural solutions and in 2005 I learned of Xtend-Life's Neuro Natural Sleep formula. I had been using melatonin and an herbal combination of valerian, passion flower and hops, which helped but not enough to last through the night. I awoke feeling stressed out rather than rested.

Within two days of starting Neuro-Natural Sleep I felt a deeper calm in my nervous system and I found it was easier to relax. I also awoke feeling more rested. I still wake up in the middle of the night, so I sometimes take 3 additional tablets of Neuro-Natural Sleep! I'm very grateful for this product. Thank you!

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1
I haven't slept better.

By Blake, USA on March 10, 2016

I bought Neuro-Natural Sleep as a fluke, but I love it. I usually get anxiety and wake up in the night. I have only been using it a week and I haven't slept better. It doesn't have any side effects. I don't oversleep and I don't feel groggy during the day.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1
Excellent results.

By Joan, USA on March 10, 2016

I've recently added your Neuro-Natural Sleep preparation to my regimen with excellent results. Although I tried to take six tablets to begin with, I found that my stomach became somewhat upset. Four seemed to be just right. Now I take three and only about four nights per week. I have not enjoyed the quality of sleep I have now in years. I'm so pleased with all of your products. Thank you.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1


restful sleep, a winner

By Suzanne W, Australia on August 14, 2015

Verified user

On the nights I need to use neuro natural sleep, waking up in the morning certainly has me feeling refreshed and invigorated, with a clear mind , no drowsy or hung over sensation, and raring to go. They are really useful to have on hand for those restless, sleep derived nights. You won`t loose any sleep, with these little marvels.

Neuro-Natural Sleep - G1
The best!

By Louise W, USA on May 06, 2010

The sleep product is a real blessing. I've had the first 2 nights of wonderful sleep that I've had in ages! The best! Thank you!


I want to say how impressed I am with your customer service! It is impeccable!! I have mentioned your company name to a few people and how impressed I am with your products and customer service! - Tracey, USA

Just needed to express my admiration for xtendlife customer service on how informative and supportive they are, if you get the chance to speak to one of them, you will find that they are not merely a normal customer service, but they are experienced and helpful, giving you the kind of personal guidance for what's best for you as well as maintaining a record of your needs and their previous recommendations for it.
- Ahmed Bayoumi, France

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