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Neuro-Natural General

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Fuel for a healthy brain & nervous system

  • Nature's "brain food"
  • Supports healthy brain cell function
  • Helps improve absentmindedness

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Did you know that in 2006, over 25 million people worldwide were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease while one in 20 people over the age of 65 are affected by dementia… increasing to 20% of everyone aged 80 and above?

In fact, every 67 seconds – someone in the U.S. develops age-related memory decline. Will that be your future?

It doesn’t have to be – especially if you consider the following…

Research has shown that many brain and nervous disorders are associated with long-term nutrient deficiencies. You may not be able to look into the future and see how you’ll be in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years…but, you can nourish your body and brain with the right nutrients in the form of brain and memory supplements to support healthy neurological function for the decades to come.

Getting the right nutrients in a convenient product such as Neuro-Natural General is a good place to start.

Neuro-Natural General is a specially formulated brain support supplement for men and women – who want to maintain a healthy functioning brain and nervous system as they get older.

Natural "brain food" ingredients

This powerful formula contains a comprehensive range of neuro-specific nutrients such as L-Carnosine, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, SAMe, Phosphatidyl L-Serine and Resveratrol…all working synergistically to support brain health, memory recall and fuel your brain and nervous system.

Neuro Natural General is ideal if...

  • Your brain is functioning well and you would like to maintain its overall health…
  • You are in good general health…
  • You don’t suffer from bouts of low moods…
  • You don’t struggle to recall recent events…

Additional benefits of using Neuro-Natural General brain and memory supplements

The synergistic combination of the natural ingredients in Neuro-Natural General may help you notice:

  • An improved sense of well-being…
  • Sharper and clearer thinking…
  • Improved recall…
  • Balanced sleep patterns…

What makes Neuro-Natural General so effective?

Well, for starters, it helps support your brain’s ability to manage healthy neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to keep its cells flexible and able to arrange old connections while laying down new ones. With these” bendable” neurons – you can master new skills faster, improve your memory recall – and stay mentally YOUNG!

But to experience optimum neuroplasticity – you’ve got to feed your brain healthy nutrients on a regular basis. A balanced diet is a good start – and Neuro-Natural General can deliver the additional brain supplementation you need to stay sharp as a tack well into your senior years!

Here’s what you can expect when you take the Neuro-Natural General brain and memory supplement...

Our special enteric-coating technology ensures the beneficial nutrients (such as SAMe) which is found in Neuro-Natural General are not destroyed by stomach acid before reaching the upper intestine for optimal efficacy. That means you can be confident you’ll get those essential nutrients to your brain – and your entire body!

Neuro-Natural General is a specially formulated brain, memory and nervous system supplement that works to support natural brain health and function. This formula may be taken independently. However, for the best possible results, combine Neuro-Natural General with the Core Wellness Activators! To learn more about Core Wellness Activators – click here.


I want to say how impressed I am with your customer service! It is impeccable!! I have mentioned your company name to a few people and how impressed I am with your products and customer service! - Tracey, USA

Just needed to express my admiration for xtendlife customer service on how informative and supportive they are, if you get the chance to speak to one of them, you will find that they are not merely a normal customer service, but they are experienced and helpful, giving you the kind of personal guidance for what's best for you as well as maintaining a record of your needs and their previous recommendations for it.
- Ahmed Bayoumi, France

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