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Neuro-Natural General

(7) 5/5

Fuel for a healthy brain & nervous system

  • Nature's "brain food"
  • Supports healthy brain cell function
  • Helps improve absentmindedness

Size: 90 tablets

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Customer Reviews

Neuro-Natural General - G1


Brain Health & Balance

By Jennifer S, United States of America on April 04, 2017

Verified user

I find that the Neuro-Natural General is helpful in times of stress. They counter the tendency to worry and/or be anxious. As indicated, they definitely promote improved sense of well-being during stressful times.

Neuro-Natural General - G1


Good for stress

By Roxy P, United States of America on April 10, 2016

Verified user

I have a busy schedule and a million things running through my mind at any given moment. Neuro-natural general helps me think more clearly and noticeably more focused. I take it in combination with Omega 3 fish oil for extra brain nutrition.

Neuro-Natural General - G1
This supplement combination helped him wonderfully

By Nancy D, USA on March 10, 2016

In May 2006 my son had an accident and I ordered the best Neurological/Brain supplement support that you offered – Neuro-Natural General. We believe this supplement combination helped him wonderfully. Thank God, we went with your supplement supply. He is a walking, talking success story!

Neuro-Natural General - G1



By Annette, Australia on January 29, 2016

Verified user

I was driving to work and suddenly realised, I haven't felt this good in years. I noticed only after a week of taking the supplements which surprised me. I cannot say which specific supplement but I put it down to all of them, Neuro-Natural Genral, Total Balance, Omega QH Ultra and Kiwi-Klenz.

Neuro-Natural General - G1


None compares to Xtendlife

By Todd Shimabukuro on September 20, 2015

Facebook review

Although I've taken other brand supplements in the past, none compares to Xtendlife. My energy and stress levels are excellent and my mental clarity is fantastic. Thanks you Xtendlife! I will be a customer for life.

Neuro-Natural General - G1


Live the results of neuro natural- general

By Suzanne W, Australia on August 14, 2015

Verified user

I have been using neuro natural general for 2 years now and have experienced a clearer mind and thinking, with a reduction in mixed up words or fumbled speech, which I had been experiencing prior to commencing these marvellous little tablets. I believe I am doing all I can to help keep my brain function in the best condition, and would certainly recommend others to try for themselves and live the results.

Neuro-Natural General - G1


I highly recommend this product.

By Tom on February 23, 2015

Amazon review

This product is outstanding. I have suffered from poor sleep, strong anxiety, and severe depression for a very long time. After taking this supplement at only half dose for a month, there is a significant difference in my sleep, emotional state, and mental state. Its a clean soundness.


I want to say how impressed I am with your customer service! It is impeccable!! I have mentioned your company name to a few people and how impressed I am with your products and customer service! - Tracey, USA

Just needed to express my admiration for xtendlife customer service on how informative and supportive they are, if you get the chance to speak to one of them, you will find that they are not merely a normal customer service, but they are experienced and helpful, giving you the kind of personal guidance for what's best for you as well as maintaining a record of your needs and their previous recommendations for it.
- Ahmed Bayoumi, France

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