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100% natural New Zealand prebiotic

  • Breakthrough digestive formula
  • Helps support healthy microflora & bowel function
  • Supports absorption of foods and nutrients

Size: 60 vege caps

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Inhibit Growth of Bad Bacteria While Promoting the Growth of Good Bacteria: The Prebiotic - Phenolic link.

If you're looking for a powerful, yet gentle, one-two punch, you'll want a combination of prebiotics and phenolics.

Prebiotics feed good bacteria, increasing immune performance, improving mineral absorption and balancing the digestive system and bowel pH. The job of phenolics is to prevent bad bacteria from continually and profusely replicating in our bodies.

Unfortunately, with most foods, there may simply not be enough prebiotics available in a normal-sized serving or they may be in inedible parts of the fruit. Kiwifruit is an excellent example of this because the majority of its prebiotics are found within phenolic compounds located in the skin of the fruit.

To get the best of both worlds, we have combined two kiwifruit forms in Kiwi-Klenz: Digesten-K and Kiwifruit powder. On-going studies show the dramatic results that Digesten-K, a key active ingredient in Kiwi-Klenz has on both good and bad bacteria. The graphs below outline how E. coli bacteria can run rampant when Digesten-K is absent from your system. But, as the chart exhibits, in the presence of Digesten-K there is minimal growth of this harmful bacteria.

DK-inhibits growth-of-Ecoli

The same applies to the pathogen S. aureus (known more commonly as staph infection). This hard-to-kill bug can quickly cause outbreaks in hospitals and other settings, wreaking havoc because it has built up a resistance to traditional, medical treatments. As you can see, in the presence of Digesten-K, there is little growth in S. aureus.



Here's the detailed breakdown of the official laboratory data:

DK-inhibits growth-of-Ecoli

Kiwi-Klenz is an all-natural, balanced way to decrease the growth of bad bacteria while increasing the growth of good bacteria through the PREbiotic activity retained via the special Aqua Pure® extraction method used in Digesten-K. With Kiwi-Klenz, you have an easy-to-take, gentle way to promote full-body health from the inside out.


I want to say how impressed I am with your customer service! It is impeccable!! I have mentioned your company name to a few people and how impressed I am with your products and customer service! - Tracey, USA

Just needed to express my admiration for xtendlife customer service on how informative and supportive they are, if you get the chance to speak to one of them, you will find that they are not merely a normal customer service, but they are experienced and helpful, giving you the kind of personal guidance for what's best for you as well as maintaining a record of your needs and their previous recommendations for it.
- Ahmed Bayoumi, France

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