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Omega 3 For Dogs

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Nature's best for your dog

  • Support your dog's optimal health and longevity
  • High levels of DHA to supercharge your dog’s health
  • May help to relieve dry and itchy skin

Size: 180 Soft gels

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Customer Reviews

Omega 3 For Dogs


Dogwatch Adoption Centre

By Pam on August 08, 2016

We use Xtend-Life’s Omega for Dogs for the dogs we receive that need extra nutritional support and a nutritional boost when they come into our care. We see vast improvements to the dogs that are on the supplement and see many varying benefits. Most of the dogs on the supplement benefit by their coats improving in shine and quality, their overall health improves and if they have any skin conditions these typically improve too. We are avid believers in Omega for Dogs, we recommend it to all of our adopters and we look forward to being able to use it for more dogs in the future.

Omega 3 For Dogs


Very Youthful Dog

By Lois, New Zealand on July 23, 2016

Our Toy Poodle takes the Omega 3 Pet formula and she is in great condition. At 11 ½ years of age she has no sign of any health problems. She has a lovely thick and healthy looking coat of wool. Her hearing and eyesight seem to be just like when she was a pup. She jumps up on our bed which is higher than many beds with ease. She often still runs around our lawn like she is a spring lamb. I definitely think this formula has helped to keep her in this youthful condition.


Thank you for your speedy, kind, courteous, thorough, insightful reply and help. I've never known a company to be so professional, polite, and obliging, with the top notch customer service like yours!- Melanie J, USA

I received my order today and want to let you know how impressed I am with your excellent service. My order arrived to the United States very quickly and in perfect condition. From the beginning, after viewing your website, I felt very comfortable ordering from your company and will continue to do so in the future.- David K, USA

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