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Zupafood for SKIN

(10) 5/5

Strengthen and support skin from within

  • Designed specifically to strengthen and support the skin matrix
  • With marine collagen and elastin polypeptides from France
  • Increased efficacy with Glutathione, Grape Skin Extract and Vitamin C

Size: 30 x 7,000 mg

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If desired it is perfectly OK to have 2 or 3 packets a day of any of our Zupafood products, and/or one of each.

  • Hold the packet at the top and shake it to get the ingredients to the bottom
  • Tear open the packet by the ‘cut’ below the left hand side top corner.
  • Tip the contents of one packet into the shaker
  • Add water, juice or your favourite beverage
  • Shake vigorously
  • Drink immediately while the ingredients are in suspension.


I really like your products and the service has always been excellent. I tell everyone I know about your products, company and customer service. I hope you have gotten a good number of new customers as a result. 
- Leslie A, USA

Your excellent customer service has made a huge impression on me. I love your products so far and the service I've received from your company is second to none! I will be recommending your products to everyone I know with confidence that they will be cared for as I have.
Christy O, USA

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