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Zupafood Shaker

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BPA Free

  • Fill it up, Shake it and go!
  • Spill-proof twist top lid
  • BPA Free

Size: 250 ml

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Our Shaker Cup is spill proof and its easy twist-top lid makes drinking your favorite beverage on-the-run a snap. Easy for families to enjoy serious nutrition while away from home. Commuters, students, busy-moms, yoga masters, and travelers alike appreciate our shaker's no-fuss design and ease of use. Fill it up, shake it, and go! It is also BPA Free.


I have been taking your Immu-Stay for a few months now and have found it fantastic. So far, despite my stress levels and despite it being the middle of winter, I have not had one cold!
-Peggy M, Australia

I would like to tell you about the success I had with Immu-Stay. This winter, Immu-Stay has prevented me from catching colds or flu the entire winter now! I am living in London peacefully free from the colds and flu that used to trigger my asthma so badly!
-Mohamed F, UK

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