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Age Defying Serum with Whitening

(15) 5/5

Intense revitalisation in every drop

  • Targets pigmentation for a luminous complexion
  • Age defying properties reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Refines and clarifies skin texture and tone

Size: 30ml / 1oz

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Containing higher concentrations of active ingredients than popular anti-aging serums on the market, this dermatologically tested serum is free of hydroquinone and suitable for all skin types.

ß-White Peptide – ß-White™ is a TGF-ß biomimetic peptide encapsulated in phospholipids liposome for better skin penetration and continuous release in the skin hours after application. ß-White™ uses unique mechanisms to allow for optimal and significant whitening effect on all skin types. It has also been clinically evaluated by dermatologists at a 5% concentration to reduce the appearance of pigmented spots by 30% within 56 days; with 87% of users reporting a more uniform complexion, and 91% reporting brighter skin. We use a 6% concentration in our formula for more intensive results.

ß-White | Before

ß-White | After

Swertia Chirata Extract (SWT-7 H) – The latest in self-regenerative stem cell technology, this innovative ingredient from Indian gentian leaves has been formulated to help regenerate and thicken the skin. It does this by stimulating stem cells to promote the production of keratinocyte (skin cell) growth factors. It is also shown to reduce the appearance of vertical wrinkles around the lip by 19%, and lipstick migration by 50% in as little as 28 days.


Swertia Chirata Extract | Before


Swertia Chirata Extract | After

Easyliance – This 100% natural skin tightener is an optimized blend of a hydrolysed biopolymer and sustainably produced acacia gum. It is a new cosmetic active that helps to tighten and tone the skin on application, leading to a visible and immediate decrease of wrinkle depth.


Easyliance | Before


Easyliance | After

Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside (AA2G™) – This triple action ingredient derived from vitamin C helps to brighten the skin while also enhancing collagen synthesis and reducing redness on the surface of the skin through its ability to combat free radical damage.

Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid (Primalhyal 50) – This low molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture from the uppermost layers right down to the dermis. It helps to reduce roughness by up to 66% in 29 days (in vivo test) and also has a plumping effect on wrinkles and fine lines.

To view all the ingredients in our Age Defying Skin Care Range and their INCI names, click here.


I feel very compelled to write and applaud you for your excellence in customer service. I am so very thankful for the quick and kind response to my inquiry and impressed with the standards and integrity - not only of your products but of your service. Thank you so very much. It's a privilege to be a part of what you are doing at Xtend-Life.
- Susan H, USA

I am very happy with the products...especially as the routine is so simple to use. I also appreciate that the actual packaging themselves are simple, and costs are kept down by NOT using costly glamorous containers that many brand names use. The line is also very light and compact when travelling as well. My daughter has also noticed the difference when using the line as well and has also forsaken all the other things she was using.
- Naomi K, USA

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