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What does Neuro-Natural Sleep do that the other 3 versions do not?
Neuro-Natural Sleep is formulated to help those suffering from insomnia and difficulties sleeping or undue anxieties / stress and the overall feeling of illness that results. It contains specific ingredients to help bring about relaxation and rebalance the brain and nervous centers, allowing deeper, more satisfactory sleep periods. It may relax the nervous system to bring about reduced feelings of anxiety and restlessness and improved sleep.

What difference will I feel?
Neuro-Natural Sleep may help you to rest more easily and, more importantly, sleep more deeply and more satisfactorily, helping your body to regenerate needed energy and process nutrients necessary for good health.

How should I take Neuro-Natural Sleep?
To see the best and most rapid results we suggest that you follow our 'recommended protocol' suggestions.

Neuro-Natural Sleep is advised at 6 tablets per day. To this, to focus on ensuring your body has all the nutrients needed to function properly, we often advise including Total Balance, and also Omega 3/DHAs, for optimum help.

For the Neuro-Natural Sleep. 1st dose: 1-2 hours before evening meal
2nd dose: 2 hours before bedtime.

If you are taking Neuro-Natural Sleep with one of our other enteric coated products try to limit the dose rate to a maximum of 4 tablets at a time in order to achieve maximum benefit. E.g. If you are taking 6 tablets per day of Neuro-Natural Sleep, plus 6 tablets per day of Total Balance, split this up into 2 tablets of each per dose, (4 tablets in total), 3 times a day, with at least a 2 hour gap between doses.

I am going through a stressful life and work period, which is of course affecting my sleep. Do I take Neuro-Natural Sleep, or Neuro-Natural Serenity, or both?
We do not generally suggest taking more than one Neuro-Natural range product at a time. Neuro-Natural Sleep is good to take if you are currently suffering from bouts of insomnia, or if you have a chronic sleep problem, or even if you do sleep but wake up unrefreshed denoting a restless sleep period. If this is related to an external cause however, such as stress, then our Neuro-Natural Serenity formula may be better to try to deal with the root cause first. Once this is resolved, if you find you need more help then changing to Neuro-Natural Sleep at this time may be a good idea.

If you do find you need more than 1 of the Neuro-Natural range, then it is possible to take them together in a half dose of each; or alternatively to take one of the formulas for 1 month on and 1 month off, alternating with the other formula.

What you decide to do really depends on your individual circumstances and symptom/condition severity, and importantly the cause of your condition. If you are unsure please contact us for personal assistance.

Will Neuro-Natural Sleep help with my severe stress, busy life and emotional difficulties? Will I notice a difference?
Yes, it is very possible you will notice quite a difference. Modern day living and the stress that accompanies it, along with more complicated lifestyles and less time for balanced nutritional intake, all lead to sleeplessness and insomnia. Neuro-Natural Sleep helps you to achieve better sleep in order to be strong enough, both physically and mentally, to deal with such activities. So the formula can work both ways.

If you are unsure which protocol is best for you please ask our medical expert for assistance.

What makes Neuro-Natural Sleep different from similar relaxation products, such as Valarian, for example?
Neuro-Natural Sleep is a sophisticated and complex set of 49 ingredients, in very specific dosage to ensure each one works well with the others for best results. This is aimed at long-term use, rather than short-term single ingredient use.

Valarian is one very important ingredient, and more extensive info can be found below on this ingredient.

Some of the other ingredients in our range are elite components. Most companies leave these ingredients out due to their expense and the fact that some of the more vulnerable ones must to be enteric coated in order to make it to the system.

As a good example, SAMe plays an essential role in more than 100 biochemical reactions involving enzymatic transmethylation (along with vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and Betain). It contributes to the synthesis, activation and metabolism of hormones, neurotransmitters, nucleic acids, proteins, and phospholipids.

SAMe is associated with increased serotonin turnover and elevated dopamine and norepinephrine levels. SAMe supplementation may also work by altering cellular membrane fluidity. Changes in neuronal membrane fluidity might facilitate signal transduction across membranes and increase the efficiency of receptor-effector coupling. Neuro-imaging studies indicate that SAMe actually affects the brain similarly to conventional antidepressants.

Our Neuro-Natural range has the advantage not only of having these ingredients included, but it is also enteric coated, ensuring that the vulnerable ingredients stay intact too, and are optimally absorbed.

What does the Valerian ingredient do?
The major constituents of valerian root include sesquiterpenoids, valepotriates, bornyl acetate and valerenic acid. Multiple compounds in valerian root have pharmacologic activity.  Valerenic acid has been shown to inhibit enzyme-induced breakdown and the inhibition of reuptake of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. Basically this means that the brain chemical GABA can last longer and lead to sedation. Valerenic acid stimulates chloride currents through GABA(A) receptors.

Can Valerian root be used on its own to help me sleep?
Some people notice a benefit in sleep patterns and the ability to get to sleep from taking this, or other individual ingredients, but only for a short time. Not everyone even notices these short-term effects. This is because these ingredients work differently with the individual when used on their own, and will be less potent long-term, despite general higher doses (which may be incompatible for the body) when used singularly.

I have heard that 5-HTP can have side effects and also interactions with many drugs. You have 100mg in your Neuro-Natural formula, is this safe? If so, why can I not just use 5-HTP on its own?
There is a theoretical possibility of an interaction between 5-HTP and some anti-depressant drugs (SSRIs). There are very few case reports to date of any adverse reactions however, in fact we have found no studies or articles in a well acknowledged database of clinical studies and medical articles. Nevertheless, there is a lot of information available on these alleged interactions, which is why we advise a cautionary note in the event that you are taking related medications.

Please check with us and with your physician prior to taking one of our Neuro-Natural range (or our Female Rejuvenator) so that we can advise on interactions and potential dosages. Having said all that, we believe the risk is very low with our supplements because of the low dose of 5-HTP that we use.

What else can I do to help myself?
Trying to relax and get a good sleep when you have things on your mind or feel run down or ‘out of sorts’ is difficult. Try to do relaxing things before going to bed, such as taking a relaxing warm lavender bath, or listening to soothing music. Don’t fight insomnia should it occur as this can only make you feel worse, instead get up and do something relaxing rather than tossing and turning trying to sleep in bed, then go back to bed when you feel more relaxed.

Nutrition is ultimately the key factor in order to ensure your body is working, resting and sleeping, at optimum levels.
Should I take a break from Neuro-Natural Sleep periodically?
It may be worth taking a break for 2 weeks each year to ensure that your body does not become somewhat over-reliant on this supplement. However, taking a break does leave you without the nutrients that you won't be getting from diet alone. We consider this to be a matter of personal preference. If you do decide to take a break, we recommend that it is limited to 2 weeks. Otherwise the benefit of the product will be reduced.


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