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Natural Energy

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90 capsules
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  • A “Get up and GO” boost from nature!
  • Manages appetite and “junk food” cravings!
  • Contains pristine and exclusive New Zealand bee pollen!

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Most of us experience that mid-afternoon slump from time to time…

If you are using our Total Balance it is possible that you hardly ever experience this problem…but still, it can take a few months to build up to that stage. Even so, if you are under high levels of stress, you may still need a natural energy ‘booster’…

We developed our Natural Energy product to meet these needs. It is designed to be taken on an empty stomach so it is perfect for taking mid-afternoon…when your eyelids suddenly become heavy and a nap is all you can think about.

A ‘get-up-and-go’ boost from nature…not an energy drink!

Our customers even use it as their preferred ‘boost of energy’ instead of the over-hyped energy drinks which contain excessive amounts of caffeine and other potentially harmful chemicals…not to mention loads of calories…Natural Energy also acts as a natural appetite suppressant…helping you avoid afternoon cravings for ‘junk-food’ that carry their own health problems!

How do we achieve this?

Natural Energy uses the potent health components found in Bee Pollen…mixed with special synergistic enzymes to help release the supplement’s energy-giving properties. There are other important nutrients which you can learn more about by going to our Ingredient tab. As soon as the Bee Pollen is harvested it is immediately frozen to preserve its goodness. When we receive it at our factory we convert it to a powder and blend the enzymes into it using a 5 day process at the end of which it is kept sealed until we encapsulate it.

Pure Bee Pollen FACTS

We source our Bee Pollen from one of the most pristine areas of New Zealand:

  • This area borders one of the largest National Parks in the North West Corner of the South Island of New Zealand…
  • There are no industrial factories in the area…
  • The prevailing winds are from the South West…
  • There is nothing else between this area and Antarctica…besides the remote Southern Ocean…
  • The air here is so clean that on most days you can see for 100 miles…leaving our Bee Pollen free from the air pollution and other contaminants found in so many other commercial brands…

You deserve the best Bee Pollen available and we’re proud to give it to you in our Natural Energy product.


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