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Male Rejuvenator

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90 tablets
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  • Enhance testosterone utilization!
  • Increase libido and sexual satisfaction!
  • Support prostate health!

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  • How would you feel if your doctor said you needed prostate surgery?
  • What if your long-term chance of survival after surgery was not good?
  • What would happen to your manhood and virility?


Hundreds of thousands of men hear this shattering news every year! Did you also know that you have a 50% chance of developing an enlarged prostate by your 59th birthday? In addition, many men experience a general loss of sexual desire through their 40s, 50s and beyond. Although this is not life-threatening it can have a profound effect on personal relationships.

So…how is YOUR PROSTATE doing?

Okay…we admit… this may not be kind of question you’ll likely hear at a dinner party or whilst standing on the 1st tee with your weekly golf mates…BUT it’s a very serious concern!

How serious? Well...POTENTIALLY DEADLY is the short answer.

As men age, their testosterone levels plummet. The aging process also increases the risk of you developing BPH…often referred to as an enlarged prostate…and in some cases…even leading to the development of other, more serious conditions.

So…what can I do to improve the health of my prostate?

If you can provide your body with the nutrients that have perhaps been missing in your diet, you may receive benefits by:

  • Maintaining your prostate health…
  • Reducing discomfort from an enlarged prostate…
  • Boosting your natural testosterone production…

The key ingredients to help achieve these benefits are all included in Total Balance Men’s PremiumBUT…there are limits to what we can include in that formula alone. In Total Balance Men’s Premium, we focused on BPH and to give general overall support to the prostate and other organs...

Many of our male customers wanted even more…so we developed the Male Rejuvenator...which can be taken with Total Balance Men’s Premium…or even as a stand-alone product…

Male Rejuvenator contains potent doses of high active ingredients believed to support prostate health such as Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Quercetin and PhytosterolsPLUS other actives such as Epimedium Brevicornum, Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris to help with testosterone production…

BUT…the benefits from Male Rejuvenator are not just limited to prostate

We found during initial testing of Male Rejuvenator with a number of male subjects…some reported a significant increase in libido and overall sexual satisfaction and intensity!

This is exciting news! For the first time…a relatively inexpensive formula with natural synergistic ingredients… may help protect your prostate AND give a boost to your sex life! The latter coming as a pleasant surprise…especially when you consider that:

  • Loss of male libido affects 20-25% of men in America every year. No medications currently help correct this condition…
  • More men seek help for sexual problems than any other condition, with 40% of men rating their sex life as unsatisfactory

Give Male Rejuvenator a try…you’ve got nothing to lose AND so much more to potentially gain!

If you feel you’re not receiving any benefits from this product, let us know and we’ll give you a 100% guaranteed refund!


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