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  • Potent cholesterol manager!
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The following are just a random selection of some unsolicited customer comments which relate to Lipi-Rite. Where possible they are specific to this product while others may be duplicated in other parts of the website.

After finished 2 bottles of Cardio-Klenz,2 bottles of Ultra Fish Oil and 2 bottles of Lipi-Rite for the last 2 months,I feel more energetic and I can feel that heart is stronger than before. I used to be so sleepy everytime after taking my breakfast... now no more.

Thanks Xtend-Life!

Normi A, Malaysia  July 19th, 2012

I have been taking the product since 2006 and I am so pleased with the results, I would not use anything else.

Before I started taking Lipi-Rite, my total cholesterol level was well over 300. After just one month it has dropped by 80 points, which is just amazing.

Teresa, USA  May 14th, 2012

I just had to drop a quick note to you about the results I have obtained from using your supplements.

I have been taking Total Balance Premium, Male Rejuvenator and Lipi-Rite for the last 3 or 4 months. My original issue was an elevated level of Cholesterol, triglycerides and general lack of energy. Today I had a follow up appointment with my MD and was delighted (and so was he) to see my levels are the best they have ever been since 2003!

Was I surprised? YES! Does your product work? YES! For the record I can also state that I have more energy now then I've had in years and that I feel 10 yrs younger. Results like this don't lie! Keep up the great work! I'm sold!

Rich A, USA  March 8th, 2012

I'm very happy with the products. My latest Blood tests on my Cholesterol have been outstanding! A reduction of almost 30% in LDL & 20% lower Triglycerides using your Omega 3 Ultra twice per day.

I've been using the Cardio-Klenze 2x caps per day & supplementing with Lipi-Rite 2x caps before Supper.

Thank you for your quick shipping. Looking forward to trying the Men's Total Balance Premium. I'm sure it's better than anything I can get here in the states!

Best Wishes for the Holidays for You & Your Family,


Barry L, USA  December 10th, 2010

Hello, I discovered several months ago that I have high cholesterol, and so I did some research online about products that I could take over the counter, and yours was one of the ones that came up and by far had the most complete information about your product (or should I say it seemed to be the best product out there for what I needed), so I decided I would take a change and try it.

I just went to my doctor to have my cholesterol checked again since starting the Lipi-Rite Product, and in the short period I have been taking the Lipi-Rite my overall cholesterol has gone from 243 down to 224.

I am sending your website info on to both my parents who both currently take statins for thier cholesterol, and my dad has diabetes, which has been diagnosed about 2 yrs ago.

I am totaly sold on your product and I am now going to try your super fish oil product to help my trigycerides and the sleep aid you offer. Now that I am in my early 40's, it is time that I have to start thinking about my overall health more.

I am a total believer in your product and I am a customer for life now.

Thank you.

Michelle B, USA  September 25th, 2010

Thanks for the shipment. because of this pills, I had the best checkup ever. My Good cholesterol went up and the bad went down by a lot and they were surprised and wondered how I did it.

Doctors don't know about supplements so, I will continue to take this. of course I watch what I eat also go on the treadmill for half an hour everyday if I can. I am 67 years old and I don't take any pills at all. I weight 119.

Thanks a lot,

Sharon J, USA  June 18th, 2010

Dear Warren,

I had a bit higher cholesterol for some time (around 200-220). In January of 2010 I went for another blood test and it was 245. I was told by my doctor that I need to immediately start taking statins. I refused since I was afraid of it. I researched the information on the Internet and discovered Xtend-Life site.

I ordered Lipi-Rite and to be honest I did not really think it would help much, but I just wanted to try it out. Well, I also reduced my weight from 232 pounds down to 212 over 2 months. I started to exercise, although not as often as I should. I think I should actually do it more often and on a regular basis. I was taking Fish Oil in addition to everything else.

To make long story short, here is what happened after a month of taking Lipi-Rite (I started it around the end of February, while I started the diet immediately in January).

January 6, 2010

Chol 245

LDL 168

HDL 54

Trig 115

March 24, 2010

Chol 193

LDL 126

HDL 49

Trig 86

I went to see my doctor today and she told me I should stay on statins because I have normal cholesterol levels now. I replied: "But, I did not use statins. I did something else and I would like to talk with you about it". I was so happy that I could say such a thing... My doctor was happy that my cholesterol was down, but did not show much interest to learn about the supplements. I did not expect her to show much interest. Unfortunately, they were trained to follow "standard" procedures.

I was a bit disappointed that she did not even try to get me on some diet/exercise plan prior to forcing statins upon me.

I am glad that I found your product and that your product saved me from destroying my liver and who know what else.

I also hope it will keep working. I'll try to do my part and stay on the diet/exercise plan I developed...

Yours Sincerely,

Bogdan K, USA  March 30th, 2010

Hi Chantal, my husband started on the Cardio-Klenz and Lipi-Rite sometime in Oct/Nov last year. I am very happy to tell you that a recent lipid test showed there is a 33% reduction in Triglycerides, at least a 10% reduction in his LDL and Total Cholesterol, but no change for the HDL!

Please let Warren and the team know and a very big "thank you" to all of you at Xtend_Life. Please post this review on your website - good things are meant to be shared!!

I need your advice whether he should start on a maintenance dosage or continue with the maximum dosage until his LDL and Total Cholesterol are in the normal range.

One thing to note though is his Cholesteroal/HDL Ratio falls within the normal range for both tests. Thanks !

Liling Y, Singapore  March 9th, 2010


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