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60 soft gels
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  • Potent cholesterol manager!
  • Keep arteries soft and supple!
  • Supports entire cardiovascular system!

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… addresses all 6 key factors to maintain healthy cholesterol levels naturally

Has your doctor told you that your cholesterol is too high and that he/she wants you to use a statin drug to lower it? If so…then you need to be wary before starting any statin prescription…as they are often associated with dangerous side effects…Your first priority for lowering your cholesterol should be to try the natural approach.

In order for this natural approach to lower your cholesterol to be successful, you need to consider tackling the problem in 6 ways…namely:

  • Reduce the production of cholesterol in your body…
  • Reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your gut…
  • Decrease circulating blood fats and dissolving cholesterol particles…
  • Prevent cholesterol from hardening in your arteries…
  • Increase the excretion of cholesterol carrying bile acid…
  • Reduce the oxidation of cholesterol.

Xtend-Life’s Lipi-Rite - one of the world’s best natural supplements for balancing cholesterol levels - addresses all 6 key factors to lower cholesterol naturally. Whereas in comparison, some other cholesterol-specific supplements only focus on 2 or 3 factors at best.

BUT…ask yourself: “Does my cholesterol level justify taking anything for it…even Lipi-Rite?”

The reason why we raise this is because we often find out from customers that they really do not need to be taking anything for their cholesterol, either medications (usually statins) or natural supplements. Don’t be forced into taking something just because your total cholesterol is high. You can find out why by clicking on the More Info tab.

WARNING! Read this before you consider taking statins!

If your cholesterol tests do confirm that you should take something to lower your cholesterol, first consider Lipi-Rite before putting your health at even more risk with pharmaceutical medications and statins. For more information about this and to read other people’s comments about statins, go to Warren’s Blog.

Lipi-Rite is not only a trusted supplement because it’s highly effective at normalizing cholesterol levels, but it contains natural ingredients which have strong clinical evidence supporting their efficacy and safety. More importantly, these ingredients have been combined in a synergistic way! In other words… at a molecular level they all ‘fit’ together.

Comments from satisfied customers

There is no simple ‘formula’ to assess what specific results you are likely to achieve with Lipi-Rite as everyone is different and accordingly, results will vary. To help you assess the product further you can see what it has achieved for others by looking at some unsolicited results sent to us…refer to the customer comments by clicking on the tab above. You are welcome to contact us with your cholesterol numbers and seek further comment from our Medical Nutritionist as to whether this product is a good option to address your cholesterol imbalance.

Some useful advice

Sometimes customers experience a significant drop in their triglycerides with Lipi-Rite, particularly when they combine it with our Omega 3 DHA / Fish Oil, and this is good! However, because LDL, unlike HDL is usually determined theoretically using the Friedewald formula which measures the relationship of HDL and triglyceride levels, sometimes a distorted reading for your LDL will result. Contact us or your physician for more info if this occurs. If you would like more info about statin drugs please read this statin drug article.


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