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90 capsules
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  • Strengthens bones to help prevent fractures!
  • Increases calcium absorption for healthy bone mass density!
  • Helps repair cartilage damage!

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Consider the following:

  • Osteoporosis affects over 10 million Americans while 300 000 are hospitalized every year with a broken hip.
  • Bone density diminishes with age…increasing your risk of fractures, hip replacements and often premature death brought on by the trauma of a broken hip. (Our Chairman’s mother died this way some years ago at age 89).

You need a supplement that provides the most effective natural protection against osteoporosis and bone density loss…

Bone-Support is a highly advanced formula containing 11 specific bio-active ingredients to help strengthen and protect your skeletal system. This in turn leads to improved posture, mobility, strength, and reduced the risk of osteoporosis and bone density depletion.

Bone-Support may help:

  • Provide the right balance of nutrients to maintain adequate blood calcium levels…
  • Increase and maintain bone mass density…
  • Reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis
  • Increase bone strength…
  • Decrease risk of cartilage damage and fracture…
  • Decrease oxidative stress…
  • Preserve overall bone health

The product’s bio-active ingredients ensure that calcium absorption is increased and provided directly to your bones…More importantly…these ingredients have been combined in a synergistic way! In other words…at a molecular level they all work together…

Important information to remember

Supplements can have good or poor versions of these ingredients…for example Vitamin K. Bone-Support does NOT contain the synthetic vitamin K1 or K3. Instead…we use natural Vitamin K2 which acts directly on your bones and helps blood vessels regulate bone calcium…

This form of Vitamin K2 is expensive…however, when it comes to our products…we NEVER compromise on quality…giving the world’s best value for money. For example: a bottle of K2 from some suppliers could cost more than a whole bottle of Bone-Support! Strontium is another crucial mineral that contributes to healthy strong bones. Although it’s also expensive, we still insisted that it should go into our Bone-Support formula…and have yet to find another supplement that contains this ingredient…among others.

Although Vitamin K2 and Strontium are essential components of an effective bone formula, they are only part of the ingredient list. As an example, by including a powerful phytonutrient such as Mangosteen extract we give you the benefits of Mangostin (a xanthone), which have been shown to inhibit Cox II enzymes responsible for inflammation, swelling and pain.

Together with a good diet and moderate weight-bearing exercise, Bone-Support may provide the additional help you need to reduce the risk of fractures and build denser and stronger bones.

To maximize the strength of your bones…you can take Bone-Support in conjunction with Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil and any version of Total Balance.

For more helpful information about Bone Health please refer to our Health Concerns section.


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