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Health Benefits and Uses of Cranberry Extract

Urinary Tract Health


Cranberry Extract Background and Benefits

cranberry-extractCranberries have been long used to support urinary tract health and is known for its effect on E.coli urinary tract infections.

It is widely believed that the unique blend of active phytochemicals found in the cranberry help to provide anti-adhesion activity. By inhibiting E.coli adhesion to cell walls, the bacteria are unable to attach and cause an infection.

Research has identified the antioxidant Proanthocyanins (PACs) as the phytochemical responsible for this anti-adhesion capability.

Pacran® Cranberry

Pacran is an all-natural, 100% cranberry whole fruit powder made exclusively with North American Vaccinium macrocarpon cranberries. While most competitive cranberry products are derived from cranberry fractions such as juice concentrate or certain isolated phytochemicals, Pacran is a proprietary blend of the entire cranberry fruit providing wide spectrum benefits.

Pacran has undergone tremendous amounts of research and development. It has been clinically proven to reduce incidence of E coli infections by 36% after 90 days and reduce UTI recurrences by 58% in 180 days.

Uses of Cranberry Extract

Cranberry extract is primarily taken to support urinary tract health and prevent urinary tract infections. It is also taken for its antioxidant properties and to support immunity and liver function.

Liver support


Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins which have strong chelating capabilities to help bind toxins and make it easier for the liver to cleanse the body and remove toxin buildup.

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Immune support


Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants like flavonoids and vitamin C which are effective in supporting immunity.

Urinary health support


Cranberry supplements help to relieve urinary discomfort and reduce recurrences of and E.coli infection due to the natural anti-adhesion properties of the fruit.

Signs You May Need Cranberry Extract

A history of urinary tract infections is one of the most common reasons for taking a cranberry supplement. Cranberry supplements not only relieve current symptoms but also provide preventative support against recurrent infections.

Cranberry supplements are also the preferred alternative for those struggling with candida, as cranberry juice contains large amounts of sugar which aggravate underlying candida concerns.

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