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General Health

Good health is defined as “a state of freedom from bodily or mental disease”.

Definition of Good Health

It is not just about being either healthy or unhealthy, but about achieving a state of balance between mind and body, with equal intake and expenditure of energy, avoiding degenerative disease and allowing ourselves the best chance of not only survival but of active longevity.

What is a degenerative disease?

A condition that interferes with the function or structure of any tissues or organs is called a degenerative disease. Cancer, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis are just some examples.

A degenerative disease appears over time. It puts a gradual but constant strain on your organs, stripping them of strength, immunity and ability to function effectively.

What causes degenerative diseases and why are they so prevalent?

In a nutshell, we are responsible for their cause and effect! In recent years our consumption of processed foods, dairy products, sugars and fats has increased dramatically and our consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables and staples has decreased in line with a growing convenience lifestyle.This has taken a huge toll on the health of our digestive system, which is the key system in the body. If the digestive system isn't working properly or is diseased, the other system will also suffer, and this is often where disease stems from.

The nutritional value of ingredients consumed in commonly eaten foods today is minimal compared to what your body needs to function. Essential elements for health have been stripped in favour of economical demand, resulting in more chemical enhancers, preservatives, additives and contaminants in your food and drink. Even your water and the air you breathe contain pollutants.

On top of this lifestyles have become stressful and frantic, putting greater strain on all body systems. Many people suffer massive energy loss and a resultant deterioration in lifestyle through a reduction in physical activity, turning into weight gain and obesity.

Your body is under constant outside pressure and needs to fight to keep functioning on this minimal intake of nutrients. Is it therefore surprising that degenerative and chronic diseases are commonplace and accepted as ‘normal’ rather than as preventable and curable conditions?

“Our modern diet will make you fat, sap your energy, lower your immune system, destroy your vital digestive system, and make you disease susceptible. In turn this will increase your risk of cancer and brain disease, age you prematurely and literally 'take away your life'.”
Warren Matthews, Chairman, Xtend-Life

But, it doesn’t have to be this way…

So, what is the secret of achieving optimal general health and avoiding degenerative disease? We have touched on how our lifestyle and diet are at the heart of poor health and chronic illness.

It is of course important to make sure you are giving yourself the best diet, avoiding disease-causing ingredients such as trans-fats in your food. It is equally important to make sure you give both your body and mind enough exercise to help them retain their strength and functionality. However it is hard to avoid all causative factors. You must therefore find a realistic balance between lifestyle and health.

Although you may be ingesting many health-depleting substances, if you ensure that you are putting enough good nutrients into your body to build your system back up and overwhelm these negative influences you have a better chance of reaching optimal health. But before you can achieve this, your digestive system MUST be fully functioning, and MUST be in a state of optimal health. A combination of healthy diet, good exercise reliable nutritional supplementation, and a happy digestive process can all help to maximize health.

Exercise: No matter what your health status, age or level of fitness you can do something to exercise your body and mind enough to maintain a decent level of immune function, vital organ strength and systemic protection. Even moderate exercise such as walking or swimming for 30 minutes each day, or weight bearing exercise such as gym work are all extremely beneficial.

Diet: By avoiding processed foods, sports-type and carbonated drinks and excessive dairy products and meats you can give yourself a head start. Unfortunately it is nigh impossible to rely on diet alone to provide the nutrition you require. Soil depletion, over–processing and over-cultivation have exhausted our nutrient sources.

This is where professional health supplementation comes in.

Supplementation: A good quality, reliable dietary supplement can provide enough positive nutritional influence to overcome damage to your health, and the basis upon which your digestive system itself can flourish.

NB: When looking for a professional source for your health supplements, it is important to bear in mind the following points:

  1. Ingredients should be pure - free from contaminants, additives and preservatives.
  2. Evidence of ingredient effectiveness should be available to view, along with relevant clinical studies.
  3. Formulas should contain ingredients that complement each other’s effectiveness.
  4. Supplements should be easy on the stomach and vulnerable ingredients protected via enteric coating.
  5. Formulas should not be excessively expensive simply because they contain expensive ingredients. Conversely, expensive ingredients should not be avoided for the sake of cheap formula.

Most health supplement manufacturers are only able to claim maybe 1 or 2 of these points. At Xtend-Life we are able to claim all 5 and more besides!

We put the health of our customers first.

Experts at Xtend-Life have spent many years researching, processing and manufacturing formulas to help you improve your health and reach optimal health goals.

We continue to research and improve our health supplement formulas to make sure our customers achieve only the best results. To date, our best selling Total Balance health supplement is now in its 6th generation! And our Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) supplement is the first of its kind, worldwide! Why have we gone out of our way to achieve all this? Because we want you to win the battle against environmental, nutrient and lifestyle destruction and help you to live as long and as fruitful a life as possible!

To this end we recommend a dietary supplement protocol to help keep your body strong, fight negative influences and keep your immune system and vital organs healthy.

For maximum overall general health benefits please read on...

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Degenerative Conditions

Below are some brief details on conditions associated with poor health.

Many of these conditions may begin with little or no symptoms, but over time they degenerate organs and tissues to a noticeable state of weakness and malfunction. For example…heart disease, diabetes, obesity and various types of cancer are amongst the top killers in the world, for both male and female. These conditions are all 100% preventable, even curable in early stage detection.


An allergy refers to a mistaken reaction by your immune system in response to contact with one or more allergens (e.g. pollens, dust mite, molds, danders and food sensitivities). This response is 'flawed' because the foreign substances are usually harmless to a non-allergic person.


Asthma is a breathing problem that results from the inflammation and spasm of the air passages (bronchial tubes) in the lungs causing them to narrow. This limits the flow of air into and out of the lungs. Asthma is often related to an allergic reaction, such as triggered by those examples listed above. Common symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Chest tightness.
  • Alzheimer's disease (AD)

This is a progressive disease of the brain that is characterized by a failing in memory (most often short-term memory), abilities to carry out normal everyday tasks, speech and language abilities and overall judgement and is often accompanied by personality changes.

"Scientists believe AD may result from an increased production and accumulation of beta-amyloid protein, leading to nerve cell death. This can cause deficits in neurotransmitter ability in certain brain areas, contributing to memory and behavioural malfunctions. Nutritional deficiency is associated with this overproduction and many trials in nutritional rebalancing and monitored supplementation have proven successful in delaying or even reversing the symptoms.”


Arthritis is a joint disorder and can appear in many forms, ranging from related wear and tear of cartilage (osteoarthritis) to inflammation resulting from an over-active immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the joints.

Symptoms of arthritis include pain and limited joint function. Inflammation of the joints from arthritis is characterized by stiffness, swelling, redness and tenderness.

Many forms of arthritis can also cause symptoms that affect various organs not directly involving the joints. These can include fever, gland swelling, weight loss and fatigue.

You can find out more about this condition in our specific Arthritis section.


Cancer is a disease of the body’s cells. It is an abnormal growth of cells that can reproduce in an uncontrolled way and, in some cases, spread to other organs and body systems.

A cancerous growth or tumor is referred to as malignant. (A non-malignant, or non-cancerous growth or tumor is referred to as benign.)

Cancer can involve any tissue of the body and have many different forms. Most cancers are named for the type of cell or organ in which they start - breast cancer, testicular, prostate, cervical, skin, lung, colon, bladder and bone.

While skin cancer is the most common type of malignancy for both men and women, the most common type in men is prostate cancer and in women is breast cancer.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

There are several names for IBS including spastic colon and spastic colitis. It is a common ailment of the lower intestines and bowel.

IBS is a ‘functional’ disease whereby the digestive muscles, organs and nerves are not working correctly and cannot function effectively, i.e. the normal processes of absorption and assimilation of foods becomes disturbed and disrupted.

Symptoms experienced, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, distention, diarrhea and excess mucous.

Crohn's disease

This condition is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines causing tears to the intestinal lining. Granulomatous enteritis or colitis, regional enteritis, ileitis or terminal ileitis are all alternative names for Crohn’s disease.

The immune system is normally activated when the body is exposed to harmful foreign bodies. With Crohn’s disease the immune system is activated in the absence of these foreign bodies resulting in chronic inflammation and ulceration as the immune system attacks its own tissue.

Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is a disease that affects central eye vision and can lead to actual vision loss. It usually occurs in older people of 60+, hence it is known as ‘age-related macular degeneration (AMD)’ (although there are forms that affect young people too).

There are 2 types of AMD, dry and wet:

  • In dry AMD the light sensitive cells in the macula slowly break down.
  • In wet AMD new blood vessels behind the retina start to grow toward the macula and leak underneath it. This causes damage to the macula that can lead to vision loss.

Peripheral vascular disease

PVD is a disease of the blood vessels that develops when the arteries supplying blood to the internal organs and extremities become partially or completely blocked, usually resulting from atherosclerosis...


Atherosclerosis is a condition where cholesterol ‘plaque’ is deposited on the arterial walls causing hardening and narrowing of the artery walls, potentially leading to angina, heart attacks and strokes.


Hyperthyroidism is a condition where the overactive thyroid gland produces excess thyroid hormone (thyrotoxicosis).


Being overweight is probably the biggest single contributor to degenerative and chronic disease.

Obesity is a chronic condition defined as “an excess amount body fat”. A certain amount of body fat is necessary to store energy and provide shock absorption for the musculoskeletal system, along with many other functions.

Normal body fat is between 25-30% in women and 18-23% in men. Women with over 30% body fat and men with over 25% body fat are therefore considered obese.

Obesity increases your risk of developing a number of other chronic and potentially fatal conditions:

  • Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • High cholesterol
  • Arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack / heart failure
  • Cancer

The additional load on the muscles and joints from the excess fat affects your heart. Your heart then has to then work overtime to push more blood through your body at a faster rate for every pound of excess fat you hold.

The liver, kidneys and many other organs are also affected. They all have to overwork to try and correct the imbalances brought on by obesity.

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Obesity and heart disease are currently the top diseases of the 21st century, causing more adult men and women deaths in more countries than ever before. These are closely followed by diabetes, crohns disease and cancer.

These degenerative disorders all stem from nutritional and lifestyle deficiency…

...and are all preventable... 

  • A staggering 19 out of 20 people will die from nutritional factor (degenerative) disease.
  • Of the 2.4 million deaths in the US each year, 75% are the result of avoidable nutritional factor diseases. (The U.S. Surgeon General).


  • Around 50 million North Americans are affected by allergic conditions
  • Hay fever affects around 35 million Americans (6 million of whom are children)
  • Asthma affects 15 million Americans (5 million of whom are children).

Irritable bowel syndrome

  • IBS is one of the most common ailments of the bowel (intestines) and affects an estimated 15% of the population in the US.


  • 1 in 3 Americans is obese. Obesity is increasing rapidly throughout the world and has nearly doubled in only 7 years.
  • In the US roughly 300,000 deaths per year are directly related to obesity.
  • More than 80% of these deaths are in patients with a BMI (body mass index) of over 30.

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Excess mental stress and toxins add to the need for adequate nutritional components. Once the body is depleted in this way the breakdown of tissue occurs rapidly. The build-up of toxins follows and energy and immune ability is lost.

The most common symptoms first noticed are fatigue, followed by infections and colds and flu, all recurrent problems. These deficiencies contribute to further chronic diseases like arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis.

"Scientists now recognize that even mild nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances can create the subtle symptoms of major disease. Prevention of natural chemical and nutritional depletion is therefore the key to optimal health.”

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Conventional treatment

Conventional medicine generally uses only suppressive methods to treat degenerative conditions, masking the symptoms rather than addressing the actual underlying causes.

These treatments come in the guise of antibiotics, painkillers, steroids and chemical stimulants or relaxants. Unfortunately all of these medications have side effects, many of which require further medication to suppress those symptoms and so a vicious circle of ‘pill-popping’ begins, but with none actually aiming to conquer the problem!

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Prevention - Cures

It is a firm belief that your state of health is directly related to four main factors:

  • Your diet
  • Your level of exercise
  • Your state of mind
  • Your environment – stress, pollution, industrialisation...

These factors dramatically increase your need for nutritional rebalancing and professional supplementation to nourish your organs and maintain immune system function and strength, protecting your body.


Processed foods such as sodas, energy drinks, white breads and flour products all contain dangerous additives, hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, flavorings, preservatives and artificial colorants. They also contain contaminants from transport and handling. Dairy products (including milk), excess animal proteins and many plant based foods also contain contaminants as well as hormones and many medications used to ‘bulk’ up animal produce.

Even tap water amazingly contains contaminants and chemicals detrimental to your chemical balance, and should also be avoided. This should be replaced with good quality filtered or reverse osmosis water.

Where societies have been exposed to the Western culture diet, health detrioration soon occurs and incidences of heart disease, cancer and obesity begin to take hold.

As a form of contrast to this economy-driven Western world there still remains some people in isolated and remote communities who live on natural and unfarmed produce, to whom current modern ailments of cancer, heart disease and strokes are virtually unknown, where women do not suffer reproductive problems or osteoporosis (as in Western society) and where people are not overweight.

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Moderate exercise is well documented to help maintain your ideal body weight, improve your mood, help regulate cholesterol, improve diabetic conditions, circulation, overall strength and much more.

The value of regular aerobic and gradual weight bearing activity, from a daily half hour walk to low-level gym work is not to be underestimated.

Moderate yoga and swimming exercise is also very beneficial, keeping the body supple and stimulating blood flow to all internal organs, helping to keep you young and vibrant.

"If you don't use it... you lose it!” This old saying relates to the function of your body and how you take care of it! When you stop using your body and prevent it from carrying out the tasks it is designed to do it will, in part or in whole, start deteriorating rapidly!

"Exercise does not have to be intense or time consuming. If you only do 3 x 30 minute workouts, plus 2 x 30 minute walks a week you will be doing 2 1/2 hours of structured exercise a week out of a total of 168 hours of your life!
Your body is not designed to be sedentary! It is a highly sophisticated and complex organism that we are fortunate to have. It has to be respected and properly maintained. You have to give it the correct fuel and ensure it is kept flexible and strong.”
Warren Matthews, Chairman, Xtend-Life

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Professional Dietary Supplementation

Nutritional supplements are necessary because it is almost, if not totally, impossible to obtain proper essential nutrition from modern food processing. On top of this, modern day lifestyles ensure that our body is pushed to the limit. You need to be able to provide your body and vital organs with support and preventative care.

The average nutritional health supplement is not enough today to satisfy these needs. Current RDA guidelines only cover a small number of common nutrients, so broad supplementation is indispensible.

There are many individual ingredients that can provide functions to keep our major organs healthy and strong. Individual amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements do not provide the quality or efficacy of support required however, although they are of course helpful in their own right.

When combined in the correct combinations and complementary doses they work in harmony to provide overall vitality. In this form they help to keep your immune system strong, your organs to function well and they provide additional energy and preventative benefits to keep degenerative and chronic conditions at bay.

Despite all this positive information, many formulas are produced using cheap, poor quality ingredients, often contaminated, providing little effect for the user.

You need a range of quality, high potency ingredients to maintain your health, not a cut-rate, low-strength remedy.

Below is a comprehensive list of ingredients considered essential nutrients for your 'whole' body health.

In most formulas many of these ingredients are lost during digestion, destroyed by stomach acid or excreted. Xtend-Life protect their ingredients via a unique enteric coating process. This ensures they survive digestion and are released safely in the small intestine. For more information on this delivery system please click here.

The ingredients listed in bold can be found in Xtend-Life Total Balance, a supplement formula so complete that it covers every aspect of your health and the nutrients you need to obtain it!

Vitamins and co-factors

Vitamins and co-factors help to protect against hardened arteries; excess cholesterol, environmental pollutants, heart and circulatory problems, fatigue, digestive pressure, metabolism problems, brain diseases, aging, eye and skin problems and nervous system disease…

Vitamin C, Vitamin D/D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate (as folic acid), Beta-Carotene, Biotin, Folic Acid, Inositol, Lutein, Phosphatidyl Choline, Rutin, Tocotrienols, Vitamin A (usually as Beta Carotene), Vitamin K (is considered to be a drug in some countries...for example Canada. It can adversely affect some pharmaceutical drugs as it is also a blood thinner.)

Amino acids

Amino acids and natural supplements are involved in many metabolic processes involving energy, immune system, aging, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, bones and joints, hormone balancing, blood sugar, cardiovascular disease and brain and memory health.

L-Arginine HCL, L-Methionine, L-Threonine, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnosine, L-Glutathione (reduced), L-Taurine, L-Proline, L-Lysine, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Myricetin, Resveratrol, Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)

Macro minerals and trace elements

Macro minerals and trace elements are essential for strong bones; central nervous system function, muscle and cardiac health, brain function, hormonal health, to keep cells healthy and fight aging, help the body detox, keep energy levels high, protect eye health and vision and to help prevent high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Trace elements help enhance food and mineral absorption, correct mineral deficiencies, increase energy, improve blood pressure, reduce obesity and help to delay aging, aid detoxification, promote normal cell function, help prevent osteoporosis and improve bone and joint flexibility.

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Manganese, Potassium, Chromium, Iodine, Selenium, Molybdenum, Indium


Antioxidants fight free radical damage to your organs, tissues and cells to help protect against aging and disease.

Ningxia Wolfberry (from China), Blueberry, Bilberry, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Resveratrol, Beta carotene (ProVitamin A), Lycopene, Curcumin (Turmeric), Hawthorne Berry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Quercetin, Rutin, Hesperiden, Grape Seed, Oregon Grape (Mahonia), Ginger, Black Cumin, Soy Isoflavones, L-Glutathione (reduced), N-Acetyl L- Cysteine, L – Carnosine, Astaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Tocotrienols, DMAE

Of these the following are very expensive for supplement manufacturers to purchase:

Bilberry, Blueberry, Resveratrol, Turmeric (high potency form), Zeaxanthin, L-Glutathione (reduced)**

**L-Gluthathione is an absolutely crucial substance in your cells. It is essential for cell health and organ survival. It is a very expensive ingredient however, which is why so most dietary supplements don’t contain it.

L-Glutathione is essential to strengthen your defence system, enhance energy levels, reduce physical stress and fight free radicals. In summary, it is an antioxidant needed for cellular production of energy and proper immune function.

Due to their unique manufacturing processes and procedures Xtend-Life are able to include L-Glutathione in their health supplements and still keep consumer cost low! Not only this, but Xtend-Life L-Glutathione is in its ‘reduced’ form. This is necessary because normal L-Glutathione is often lost during digestion as it is too large to pass through the cell membranes. In its reduced form this does not happen, enabling the whole ingredient to pass into the blood stream.

Immunity support

The immune system modulates and actions biochemical activity. Natural immune stimulants help strengthen the immune system, protect the cardiovascular system and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Polysaccharides (Best sources: Aloe Vera Leaf, Beta 1,3-Glucan, Mushrooms - Shiitake, Maitake, Sen Su Take, Tea Polysaccharides), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Quercetin, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin B6, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Colostrum, Beta Sitosterol, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Astragalus (Chinese herb), Protease (enzyme), N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

Digestive system

Digestive enzymes, especially:

Amylase, lipase, Isolase, Cellulase, Lactase, Protease, Bromelain, Papain, Betain HCL, Peppermint leaf, Acidophilus, Ginger root, Black Walnut, Psyllium seed/husk, Flaxseed, Pepper Fruit, Kiwifruit

Liver support

L–Glutathione (reduced), SAMe, Milk Thistle (Silymarin), Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), N-Acetyl L- Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins B1, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper, Choline, L – Methionine, Grape Seed/Oregon Grape (Mahonia), Turmeric

Metabolism and energy

Coenzyme Q10, Green Tea, Licorice root, Ginseng, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, Gugulipid (Myrrh), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Betain HCL, Policosanol, DMG, RNA, Gotu Kola, Olive Leaf, Vitamin B Complex, Choline, Inositol, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, E, Beta-Carotene, Biotin, Copper, Zinc, Potassium, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Manganese, MSM, Selenium, Iodine, Indium

Brain function (neurological support and the nervous system)

The most potent nutrients for the brain, central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS)…

NB: Along with the ingredients in bold, representing those included in our Total Balance and Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) formulas, the numerous ingredients in blue, or in blue brackets, represent our speciality Neuro-Natural General (NNG) supplement formula, specifically helping to boost your brain and nervous system health, function and longevity. As you can see almost all recommended ingredients are included in Neuro-Natural General!

Neuro-Natural General concentrates on your nervous system and brain function and the diseases connected to them, helping to both protect you and relieve you of chronic and degenerative disease more and more commonly affecting people as they age.

Ginkgo Biloba, Acetyl-L-Carnitine (NNG), L- Tyrosine (NNG), L- Carnosine (NNG), Vinpocetine, Schizandra, Valerian Root, Hops Flowers, Passion Flowers, Chamomile, Gotu-Kola, Huperzine A, SAMe, Blueberry, Bilberry (NNG), 5 – HTP (5 – hydroxytryptophan), Alpha Lipoic Acid (NNG), DMAE (NNG), Di Methyl Glycine (DMG), Inositol (NNG), Phosphatidyl Choline (NNG), Phosphatidyl Serine, Magnesium, Vitamin E and C in combination, Vitamin B Complex (NNG), Vitamin D, Calcium, Manganese (NNG), Selenium (NNG), Folic Acid (NNG), Biotin (NNG)

Omega 3 - more specifically the DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – recommended as a complementary protocol.

Cardiovascular health (heart and circulation)

For a strong, healthy heart, normal blood pressure and good circulation the most potent nutrients for cardiovascular health are:

Betain HCL, Coenzyme Q10, Olive Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Chromium, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Beta Carotene (ProVitamin A), Lycopene, Hawthorne Berry, L-Carnitine, Policosanol, Folic Acid, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Garlic

Omega 3 - more specifically the DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – recommended as a complementary protocol.

Bone and joint support

The most potent ‘bone nutrients’ are:

Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Soy Isoflavones, Boron, Silicon, Vitamin K (is considered to be a drug in some countries...for example Canada. It can adversely affect some pharmaceutical drugs as it is also a blood thinner.)


The most potent nutrients for your eyes are:

Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Bilberry, Blueberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Quercetin, Gingko Biloba, Rutin, Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamins B2, B12, Zinc, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Copper

Skin health

The most potent nutrients’ for skin rejuvenation are:

DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Green Tea, Coenzyme Q10, Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E, Tocotrienols, Vitamin B Complex, Evening Primrose, Vitamins D, K, MSM, Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Lutein, Olive Leaf, Grape seed/Oregon Grape (Mahonia), Aloe Vera, L-Methionine, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, L-Proline, N-Acetyl Glucosmine

Cancer-fighting nutrients

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated powerful anti-cancer properties belonging to the following nutrients.

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopene, Garlic, Maitake Mushroom (D Fraction), Beta 1,3-Glucan, Polysaccharides, Aloe Vera Polysaccharides, Tea Polysaccharides, Grape seed/Oregon Grape (Mahonia), Green Tea, Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Coenzyme Q10, Acidophilus, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Ginger, Turmeric, Flax Seed, Ginseng, Soy Isoflavones, Saw Palmetto, MSM, Limonene, Blueberry, Olive Leaf, Black Cumin, Red Clover, L- Arginine, L- Glutathione (reduced), L- Theanine, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Melatonin, Hesperidin, DIM 3,3’, DMG, Calcium, Beta Carotene (ProVitamin A), Alpha Carotene, Choline, Inositol, Vitamin B Complex, Folic Acid, Biotin, Selenium, Vitamins C, E, D, Molybdenum, Zinc, Iodine

Omega 3 - more specifically the DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – recommended as a complementary protocol.

As well as all of the above, different formulas need to be able to help more specific problems to help both women and men individually.

Men’s health - hormonal support

Certain nutrients can assist in naturally rebalancing the male hormonal system.

L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, L-Methionine, L-Lysine HCL, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Chrysin – to help inhibit testosterone conversion to estrogen, naturally increasing testosterone levels. Damiana, Nettle Root, Licorice , DIM, Maca Root, Ginseng (Siberian, American, Panax, Asian), Tribulus, GABA, Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol – to help prevent BPH and prostatitis and to help enhance sexual stamina, Pygeum Africanum, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12

Men's health - sexual health

The most potent sexual health nutrients are:

Saw Palmetto – to help with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis symptoms. Also as a mild diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It also helps to improve sexual vigor. Tribulus Terrestris, Pygeum, Ginseng, Stinging nettle, Soy Isoflavones, Cordyceps Sinensis (Chinese herb/fungus), Epilobium Parviflorum, Schizandra, Chrysin, Corn Silk, Licorice root, Phytosterols, B- Complex, Black Cumin, Omega 3 & 6, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, Zinc, Lycopene – to help in the treatment of prostate cancer, with additional antioxidant activity and immune stimulating properties.

Women’s health - hormonal support

The following nutrients have been extensively studied for their ability to aid in rebalancing the female hormonal system:

L-Arginine, Wild Yam (soy Isoflavones) – as a helpful "natural alternative" to estrogen replacement therapy, helping to combat postmenopausal vaginal dryness, premenstrual syndrome, osteoporosis and the resultant lack of energy and libido.
Red Clover – to help combat menopausal symptoms and hot flashes and help prevent Osteoporosis
Dong Quai, Macca, Chasteberry, Licorice root, Evening Primrose Oil, DIM, Resveratrol, EFA’s (Omega 3 & 6), Vitamin B6,
Vitamin E

Women's health - sexual health

The most potent sexual health nutrients are:

Dong Quai, Soy Isoflavones, Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Wild Yam, Licorice root, Resveratrol, Black Cumin, Red Clover, Cordyceps Sinensis, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Damiana, Schizandra, Omega 3 & 6, B-Complex, Zinc, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine

Xtend-Life Total Balance (and Neuro-Natural General) dietary supplements contain all the necessary nutrition to help you reach optimum health, covering brain health, immunity, digestive health, your nervous system, skin and all vital organs, as well as those for specific male and female needs.

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Total Balance is available in 6 versions:

It combines the above ingredients in a comprehensive manner from a quality source. Each ingredient works in harmony with the others to ensure optimal efficacy and effectiveness.

Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K) is a profound formula from Xtend-Life only that ensures the most vital system in your body is able to function at its highest level, so that you can take advantage of all of the other nutrients listed above, your diet, and improve your overall wellness whilst protecting against disease. 

Staff at Xtend-Life headquarters have had such amazing customer feedback on this no. 1 seller. For more detailed info on these, or on any aspect of Xtend-Life Total Balance , Kiwi-Klenz (formerly Digesten-K), or Neuro-Natural General, please go to our product pages.

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