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What about Vitamin K2 and Blood Thinners (Aspirin)?

I am a new customer. I found this site while I was looking for Vitamin K2 since I couldnt find it in local GNC store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The search for K2 took me deeper into the ingredients of all the products. I wasted no time in ordering Multi-Xtra and Cardio-Klenz, both of which had Vitamin K2. I noticed that Cardio-Klenz also had CoQ10, my all time favorite. I have Q10 every day (50Mg). Now the website says that there are 2 types of Q10s, the better of which is Ubiquinol (while most supplements had Ubiquinone). The one I am presently taking from GNC might be Ubiquinone, I dont know. My question is "what type of Q10 is there in Cardio-Klenz. My second question is I am on medication for hypertension. I also take 1 80 mg aspirin every day. I read that Vitamin K2 should not be taken with Aspirin. I was attracted to Vit K2 because I have been diagnosed of mild calcification in the aorta (mild aortic stenosis) Can I take aspirin with the Vitamin K2 that is available in both Multi-Xtra and Cardio Klenz. I have discontinue multivitamins from GNC after receiving my package from Xtend-life./ What other things can you suggest? I am 50, taking medication for hypertension, cholesterol and blood sugar, - all of these are in the mild range. My biggest worry is should I take aspirin and K2 both together. Is K2 a coagulant or and anti-coagulant? Different people say different things. I am also thinking on shifting to Total Balance instead of Multi-Xtra and Adding Omega Ulta 3/QH Ultra. Thank you


Hi Lawrence,

Our Cardio-Klenz uses the Ubiquinone form of CoQ10. This form is more suitable for this formula as the Ubiquinol form would otherwise be oxidized during the manufacturing process.

I have answered your queries regarding what supplements may benefit you in your other question above....but just with regard to your aspirin (which wasn't mentioned in your previous med list), if you were to take the full dose Omega 3/DHA (6 per day), as well as the help of our full dose Cardio-Klenz and Total Balance, and also improve your dietary intake – as well as the guidelines mentioned, you may also find this link useful to implement more specifically to help reduce and avoid continuous aspirin intake – You could then discuss this with your doctor about stopping the aspirin, which would be a much more long-term resolution, with the potential side effects continuous aspirin intake may bring.

Vitamin K2 specifically has anti-coagulant properties, but in the doses in our CK and TB, you are fine to take it whilst on your meds in the shorter term, with the aim of beginning to reduce your meds, under doctor supervision for the longer-term.

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