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Does Calamarine provide high levels of DHA?

What is Xtend Life's position on Calamarine? Does it really provide a higher level of DHA?


Hi Charles,

Calamarine has several different versions of fish oil and some have less DHA than ours, and some have more.

Calamarine oils are all in concentrate form, ie ethyl esters, whereas ours is a blend of high concentrate ethyl esters and natural triglycerides. We
have found that although our blend has a lower level of DHA or Omega 3 that the concentrate alone (50% and 85% respectively) that our blend actually has double the anti-inflammatory properties when compared to the high concentrate form.

There is some natural component of the oil that is lost in the concentration process which contributes significantly to its anti-inflammatory properties which is why we go to the extra trouble of doing the blend that we do.

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  • raul
    January 06, 2012

    need to know your input on dr.sinatra   omema q plus?  is it worth my time and money to pursue it any further?

  • Image for Joanna Maggs
    Joanna Maggs - Medical Nutritionist
    January 06, 2012

    Hi Raul,

    We have some info on the website which already give opinion on this, so I am copying the link here for you. This should help you, although the price and the formulation of the products may have been adjusted.

    Warren's Blog: "Are Xtend-Life Products the equivalent of Dr Whitakers and Dr Sinatra?" (Oct, 2007)

  • merlin
    October 06, 2012

    how many milligrams per capsule,is it best with food?

  • Image for Customer Relations
    Customer Relations - Xtend-Life
    October 08, 2012

    Hi Merlin

    I can confirm that there are 1000 milligrams in each fish oil capsule.

    Our fish oil capsules can be taken with or without food However, we do recommend that if you are taking them with food to avoid acidic food as this minimizes any chance of repeating

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