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Omega-3 Fish Oil

I'd posted a question on the blog on the 8th of this month and am not sure if it would be answered; so I ask once more here. It's about Omega-3 fish oil purity. i've a friend sent me a link on youtube and I saw a cut capsule of omega-3 fish oil dissovled styrofoam. i cut one of the capsule of your Omega-3/DHA which I'm taking regularly and dropped onto a piece of styrofoam and it didn't dissolve it. I tried my friend's and it did. i went on googling about this and found someone posted on the web saying that the only way to distinguish whether the fish oil is pure is to see if it dissolves styrofoam. Please tell me if there's any logical sense behind this. Thank you! (It this's been asked before, please tell me where to find it.)


Hi Cathy,

We've taken a look at various links online…including a video featuring a styrofoam cup being dissolved by an apparent good quality fish oil. I'm sorry but the facts just don't add up…it's a hoax. Styrofoam is essentially a non-polar polymer that is unstable most of the time. This means that styrofoam dissolves in most oils...including gasoline, industrial glues as well as solvents such as acetone, and hydrocarbons.

Looking at this list of chemicals, I'm sure no one would like to ingest them. One has to wonder why the fish oil in the video helped with the dissolving process?  It would seem that there are some impurities in the fish oil which caused the reaction as shown in the video. Quite odd really! You mentioned that our fish oil didn't dissolve the styrofoam cup you used when trying the experiment for yourself. I certainly wouldn't expect it to and I wouldn't expect any pure fish oil to do so. 

The purity of our Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil far exceeds the standards set by ALL international specifications. For someone to suggest that the fish oil is not pure if it does not dissolve styrofoam is really quite ludicrous. It is a bit like saying that water is only pure if is dissolves it as well. The only way water would dissolve it is if some solvent or impurity was added. It was also suggested that a quality fish oil also dissolves cholesterol. This is also nonsense. 

If it did then it would make all fish poisonous as we would surely die if our cholesterol was dissolved. Cholesterol is essential for life. Fish oil can help with cholesterol levels but it does not do so by dissolving the cholesterol. I really wonder where some of these people dream up these things. Never mind there are plenty of them on the internet. If it was true then I would be in a pretty bad way after consuming high doses of our own fish oil for almost 10 years...but, in reality I am in perfect health. Hope this helps.

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  • Nncy
    May 28, 2010

    recently i bought omega 3 fish oil and puritans pride can i take both fish oil and puritans pride together with milk. is there any side effects or any problem by having it together. waiting for your reply eagerly.

  • Image for Joanna Machin
    Joanna Machin - Medical Nutritionist
    June 01, 2010

    Hi Nancy,

    I am going to assume that you mean you are taking a fish oil from Puritan's pride as well as another omega 3 fish oil? Puritan's pride have many products, so this wasn't quite clear :).

    If this is the case you don't need to take 2 separate fish oils if the one you have is a good quality one. You only need to take one fish oil product at a time. I don't know if the Omega 3 fish oil you are taking is one of our Omega 3/DHA versions? If it is then you certainly don't need to take another fish oil product. Our Omega 3/DHA range is one of the most potent and pure quality fish oils available worldwide, and one of the best value for money worldwide. You may wish to take a look at this.

    Just in case you meant that you are taking a general vitamin from Puritan's pride with an Omega 3 product of your choice, this is fine to take together usually, although of course without knowing the products individually that you are taking I cannot say for sure, so you may need to check with the manufacture concerned.

    Again, ensure that the vitamin you are taking is good value for money and health beneficial. If you wish to compare it with something that we, and our customers confirm, is top notch, take a look at our Total Balance range ingredient information. This may help you.

    With regard to taking milk, this isn't an ideal liquid to take supplements with as it can interefere with enzymes and lactose metabolism which may effect the assimilation of the supplement ingredients. So try to keep this to a moderation and ideally try to take supplements with water, vegetable juices, smoothies, or even better herbal (not fruit) teas.


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