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Xtend-Life News Issue 30 2012

September 05, 2012

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Factors Influencing Life Expectancy

Aging Through The Ages

Since the turn of the Industrial Revolution and advancements in medical science, people around the world have been increasing their life expectancy. Some people born in the early 1900s are still around today.

As research and science advanced, experts found that people were living beyond their 70th and even 80th birthdays, although it's still very rare to find someone who has lived past 100 years of age. Nevertheless, most people can live past 90, providing they have lived a healthy lifestyle and their hereditary makeup is healthy.

Many degenerative diseases result from lifestyle factors such as poor eating and sleeping habits, lack of exercise, excessive drinking, drugs, nicotine, etc. By exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, reducing your intake of alcohol and getting the right amount of the right nutrients every day, you'll ultimately be reducing your risk of an early death.

According to a 2010 Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) press release, smoking, high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose excess weight and obesity accounted for almost 20% of disparities in life expectancy across the U.S.

These four factors also accounted for three quarters of disparities in cardiovascular mortality and up to half of disparities in cancer mortality. The following is an excerpt from the press release:

Below is the number of years that would be gained in life expectancy in the U.S. if each individual risk factor was reduced to its optimal level (These are averages across the entire population):

  • Blood pressure: 1.5 years (men), 1.6 years (women)
  • Obesity (measured by body mass index): 1.3 years (men), 1.3 years (women)
  • Blood glucose: 0.5 years (men), 0.3 years (women)
  • Smoking: 2.5 years (men), 1.8 years (women)

What About Genetics?

Genetics can play a role in either helping you live longer or they could contribute to serious health conditions. If a person has a family history of ailments like Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other conditions, he/she may have a shorter life expectancy. It all depends on Epi-genetics (explained below)...

Xtend-Life's R&D Manager Caramia Hartley says that most people have been taught that their genes are unchangeable...that we are 'stuck' with who we are, and there's nothing we can do about it. Caramia recently wrote a blog entry about a field of genetic study called Epi-genetics. This is what she had to say about the topic:

notes "A new field of genetic study called Epi-genetics indicates how you can improve or damage your genetics. In fact, you are changing your genetics every second by the lifestyle choices you make: the foods you eat, the air you breathe, your beliefs, thoughts and feelings."

"The epigenetic changes you make can even be passed down for many generations. Each of us has far greater responsibility for the health of our children than we ever imagined. Here's how it works: As you age, your genome does not change but your epigenome changes dramatically. These epigenetic changes lead to the reactivation or deactivation of desirable genes and reactivation or deactivation of undesirable ones."

"Through your lifestyle choices you determine whether or not you develop disease. Sustained negative thoughts and feelings, a poor diet and stressful lifestyle can eventually lead to an imbalance in the five main causes of aging and degeneration: free radicals, methylation, glycation, DNA repair, and inflammation."

"For example, methylation-gone-wrong is now suspected in autism, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Excessive inflammation leads to a host of complications from heart disease, dementia and arthritis to diabetes. Epigenetic therapy, which is essentially the reduced risk of disease by epigenetic manipulation, involves changing the instructions to your cells: reactivating desirable genes and deactivating undesirable ones." notes

What you can do to stay in control

Even if you have less than ideal genes, you can (and really should) start taking action today that will help you reduce or avoid the four lifestyle risk factors discussed above. One of the best ways to develop and reinforce a healthy lifestyle is to follow a supplement regimen that helps 'fill the nutritional gaps' in your diet.

Using the right supplements containing the right ingredients and utilising a delivery system that makes them effective can help to address cellular and genetic imbalances as well as the five main causes of aging is important.


Our Total Balance range contains the highest quality ingredients...over 85 nutrients, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. You can read more about this supplement range, as well as the five main causes of aging on the Xtend-Life website.


Skin Sense

Skin Sense

Understanding the changes to your skin and their causes

The world we live in has many different environmental conditions and our skin needs to adapt and change to suit these constantly changing conditions.

Skincare in winter is very different from that in summer. During the cold winter months, your skin will probably be drier than normal and will need more moisturizer to remain soft. During summer, you may need cleansers and exfoliators to clean off sweat and debris that gather in the skin's pores in hot humid conditions.

Lifestyle affects the skin

Smoking has a drying effect on skin. The chemicals in cigarettes drain the skin (and body) of vital vitamins and nutrients and constrict blood vessels. This means less blood flow to your skin, depriving it of the circulation it needs for optimal function and health. The result is dull looking skin with a greyish lifeless appearance.

Excessive and prolonged alcohol consumption has the opposite effect. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels. The skin appears red and bloated. Increased blood flow and pressure causes capillaries to break, resulting in red marks throughout the skin. This is often seen on the faces of people who drink too much alcohol.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle affects the liver, which overtime can lead to various complications and cause the skin to appear yellow.

A diet lacking essential fatty acids can result in chronic itching, dryness, scaling and even thin skin. This is because essential fatty acids, like those found in fish oil, help protect against water loss within cells and throughout skin, keeping it supple and hydrated.

Age and Skin

With the aging process, changes occur in the skin as well...both internal and external.

External changes are associated with the skin's appearance while internal changes occur beneath the skin's surface on a cellular level.

Here is the progression of the visible signs of aging characterized by age group:

Age 20-25: Vertical wrinkles start appearing on one's forehead and even lines between the eyebrows may already be visible. Fine lines at the external edges of the eyes are not yet noticeable...however, heavy smoking, drinking and excessive exposure to the sun may result in these signs appearing early in life.

Age 25-40: In the epidermis, wrinkles begin to deepen and more fine lines start appearing. Wrinkles are less than 0.0005 mm in depth and are usually caused by the superficial drying out of one's skin, damage and loss of collagen in the skin, as well as slowing down of cellular renewal.

Age 40-50: Fine lines start appearing around the lips, crow's feet around the eyes, lines parallel to the nose and the line separating the eyebrows are all beginning to deepen and widen. The skin is now losing more of its natural strength and elasticity while shape of the face starts changing as the skin begins to sag...resulting in less defined facial contours.

Age 50 and over: Hormonal changes associated with menopause in women and the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in men accelerates the aging process. The skin's surface now shows clear and distinct signs of aging... these signs are only exacerbated by lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, environmental elements, excessive junk food etc.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Changes to Your Skin

You are what you eat
It's true! What goes in will sooner or later reflect in your appearance. By eating fruit and vegetables, especially brightly colored fruit and leafy greens, we are giving our bodies vitamins and antioxidants that combat the breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin.

Also, it's important to make sure to drink water every day. Studies tell us different amounts to drink, from 2 glasses to 8, but they all agree on one thing: drinking water is good for you!

Nourishing your skin from the inside out with Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium is an excellent way to lay a good foundation internally complementing your Xtend-Life skin cream regimen externally.

Excessive sun exposure = sun damage
You can enjoy the warmth and health benefits of the sun without damaging your skin simply by using common sense if planning on spending prolonged periods outdoors. The UVA and UVB rays from the sun contribute to wrinkles, dryness, sunburn and the risk of skin cancer. So, plan your day, wear the right clothing and have fun outdoors, all while taking care of your skin.

Get your beauty sleep
Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a night. While we sleep, our bodies along with our skin recharge and prepare for a new day. So, no matter how busy your day is, take time to relax and unwind and get the restful sleep you and your skin need.

Use the right skincare products
Xtend-Life's skin care range for women and men is the solution to combat photo-aging and the visible signs of aging.

Using the latest in cell rejuvenation technology, our products and their unique formulations are far ahead of the big name brands. They are specially formulated to work at a cellular level with all skin types and in all climates. To know more about these products, visit our website at

Tropical. Temperate. Cold


Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Despite its name, the ingredient of the month for this issue has nothing to do with woodwork or the cutting down of trees. It does however play a key role in the reproductive systems of almost every guy on the planet over the age of 30.

To understand and appreciate the health benefits associated with saw palmetto, we first need to understand the main gland that this ingredient is known to support...the prostate gland.

The prostate gland secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate squeezes this fluid into the urethra and it's expelled with sperm as semen. To use an analogy, if sperm cells are little racing cars then the prostate gland is the turbo-fuel that helps increase their chances of surviving their reproductive journey.

However, this turbo-fuel needs some nourishment itself in order to deliver on its health benefits and function at its very best all the time. The prostate gland in other words needs the right ingredients to maintain its health and one of the most important ingredients is saw palmetto.


What is saw palmetto exactly?

Basically, saw palmetto is mostly sourced as an extract from the fruit of Serenoa repens. This plant is a small palm that grows to a height of roughly 3 metres and is predominately found in the southeastern region of the United States.

300 years ago native tribes along the Florida peninsula were observed using saw palmetto berries to address various conditions. These tribes believed that the extract helped reduce inflammation of the prostate and other conditions associated with the reproductive system. The native Americans used the whole saw palmetto plant, curing hides with the tannin from the stems and making baskets, clothing and other tools from the branches and leaves of the plant.

Early North American settlers saw the native Americans using the berries and followed suit...however, they believed that saw palmetto not only helped men and supported prostate health, it also supported women's health as well. The berries were thought to alleviate painful periods, infertility and even urinary tract infections.

Nearly 200 years later, a revision of King's American Dispensatory in 1898, referred to saw palmetto as 'the old man's friend'.

In recent years, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has reported saw palmetto being an object of studies researching its health benefits for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - an increase in size of the prostate found in an estimated 50% of men by the age of 50. And interest in saw palmetto is high not only in the U.S. but in many countries worldwide. For example, according to the same AAFP article, saw palmetto is very popular in Italy and Germany.

How does saw palmetto interact with the body?

Like many plant extracts, saw palmetto owes its various properties to its naturally occurring chemical molecules. It's these chemicals that seem to have an effect on the body's genitourinary and reproductive systems. Under a microscope, saw palmetto extract is mostly made up of fatty acids which likely comprise the majority of the ingredient's active constituents.

Saw palmetto also contains small amounts of sterol compounds. Depending on who ingests the ingredient, these sterols interact with the endocrine system...more specifically estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

How can I get saw palmetto without trying to find the plant and its berries?

Saw palmetto is a key ingredient in Male Rejuvenator as well as the Total Balance Men's range of supplements from Xtend-Life. These products are used by thousands of men to help support prostate health as well as overall health and vitality.

To find out more about these products and saw palmetto, visit the Xtend-Life website and click on the Supplements tab.

Korina - Customer Service Representative


Xtend-Your-Life Monthly Newsletter
Korina - Customer Service Representative

Having been with Xtend-Life for over four years, Korina is the charming friendly voice to our customers and the vibrant enthusiastic colleague to the Xtend-Life team. Having previously worked in the hospitality industry and part time in child care while studying business administration and computing, Korina is not only an expert at time management, she's also a multi-tasking customer service gem! When she's not putting smiles on customer faces, Korina can be found spending time with her two boys or working out in the gym.

What would you say are your main strengths?

Communication, helping others and the ability to learn and grow from it.

What are your main hobbies/interests?

Love spending time with my sons and working out at the gym.

What is your favorite Xtend-Life product?

Total Balance Unisex, Omega 3/DHA Fish oil and the Women's Body lotion

Describe your average day in three words:

Challenging, productive and rewarding

What is the best part about your job?

Being able to interact and help our customers. Working with a wonderful supportive team.


Andrei - Supplement Product Manager


Xtend-Your-Life Monthly Newsletter
Andrei - Supplement Product Manager

Xtend-Life's newest staff member comes with an impressive background and industry experience that made him a natural choice for his role in the company. Supplement product manager, Andrei joined the team in July having worked in a managerial position for a global company in California.

Being the son of a doctor, it was always inevitable that Andrei was going to develop a keen interest in everything related to health and wellbeing. With a keen eye for detail and excellent organizational and people skills, Andrei is already making an impression in developing new ideas and initiatives for our supplement range.

What would you say are your main strengths?

Attention to detail, organizational skills, people skills, passion to get things done.

What are your main hobbies/interests?

Reading, playing backgammon, running and swimming.

What is your favorite Xtend-Life product?

I actually take three products on a regular basis: Total Balance Men's Premium, Omega 3 / QH Ultra and Kiwi-Klenz

Describe your average day in three words:

Challenging, varied, enjoyable

What is the best part about your job?

Helping people understand how they can get into and stay in a great physical and mental shape.



Xtend-Your-Life Monthly Newsletter

Question from Jean

Is CoQ10 Ubiqunol really a miracle pill that makes us younger and gives stronger hearts?
If so why are you not manufacturing this pill or do make your own equivalent that is better?

Answer from Joanna Maggs

Hi Jean,

CoQ10 Ubiqunol isn't a pill on its own. It is one ingredient. We have it in our Omega 3/QH Ultra formula.

CoQ10 Ubiqunol is natural to the body. It is made in every single cell of the body. As we get older this deteriorates and, along with many other ingredients we begin to lose naturally, can be a contribution (not sole cause) of many aging factors.

There is no such thing as a miracle ingredient unfortunately. Ingredients work in harmony, together for long-term health. The formulation that we have, which include this ingredient are important because they provide these to the body in a form it recognises as natural and immediately usable. This helps to protect and improve the body's natural systems, which can help in anti-aging, general health and strength. But it is important to understand that any ingredient or combination also needs the support of a good healthy natural diet, high pure fluid intake, and daily exercise.



Xtend-Your-Life Monthly Newsletter

Hi Xtend-Life!
I have been using your skin care line for about 3 years and it is by far the best I have ever used ( and I have tried it all). I am constantly getting comments on my skin and the products I use.

Have you considered finding distributors in the US? If so, I would really be interested! I am your biggest fan!

Christina M, US
via Facebook


I just had to drop a quick note to you about the results I have obtained from using your supplements. I have been taking Total Balance Premium, Male Rejuvenator and Cholest-Natural for the last 3 or 4 months. My original issue was an elevated level of Cholesterol, triglycerides and general lack of energy. Today I had a follow up appointment with my MD and was delighted (and so was he) to see my levels are the best they have ever been since 2003!

Was I surprised? YES! Does your product work? YES! For the record I can also state that I have more energy now then I've had in years and that I feel 10 yrs younger.

Results like this don't lie! Keep up the great work! I'm sold!

Rich A, USA


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