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History and Background of Xtend-Life Natural Products

In 1998 Warren Matthews (a New Zealander) then 51 years of age reached a turning point in his life due to a number of ‘interesting’ experiences. If you would like to know more about these please go to Warren’s blog for more background.

Also as many people do when they reach 50 years of age he started becoming more aware of the generally poor health of others around him, both young and old. Friends would occasionally contract diseases, some terminal such as cancer, or die suddenly from heart attacks.

Although Warren followed a reasonably healthy lifestyle and had done so most of his life, he wasn’t doing as much as he could to help reduce the odds of suffering from a degenerative disease himself, or avoiding a heart attack. It wasn’t that he was afraid of dying but in his own words, he simply had too much to do and he didn’t have time to ‘die’ or get ill. He wanted another 50 years of active life! This meant that he had to somehow slow down the aging processes and maintain optimum physical and mental health!

One of his son’s, Lance who was aged 22 years at the time, also had a keen interest in health. So…they made the decision to team up and develop a new business focused on quality health supplements. They were not interested in just getting any old product and marketing it…they wanted the best! That meant they would have to commit time and resources to finding out what really was the best and further what truly did work in helping slow down the aging process and help prevent degenerative disease.

Extensive Research Undertaken

Lance and Warren spent the next two years travelling the world researching preventative medicine, anti-aging and health. During this period they reviewed the nutritional supplement industry and visited manufacturing and research facilities worldwide.

What became apparent during this period was that healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise although extremely important were simply not enough to achieve Warren’s objectives and help like minded men and women to achieve the same goals. Lifestyle, diet and exercise needed to be complemented with a professional supplement program!

The more Warren and Lance looked into the supplement industry the more dismayed they became! They found many products designed to cater for public demand or perception, and not based on good science. They found a high proportion of supplements were not even true to the label on their bottle. They were basically dishonest. Other supplements had contaminants present.

They also found that many companies who were using the correct ingredient by name had selected a cheap version of the ingredient with low potency and thus inadequate efficacy. Further to this, they discovered unacceptable manufacturing processes and other inadequate practices.

Whereas Warren and Lance had hoped to find some high quality products that really worked so they could market them, they determined that this was not viable if they were to keep to their objective of only using and supplying the best supplements that money could buy.

Controlling the Development and Manufacturing

Unable to find an acceptable range of products, they made the decision to develop their own range of supplements and control the development and manufacturing…in other words, they would not use contract manufacturers, which is the norm in the supplement industry. This was quite a major decision as not only did it involve setting up an on-site manufacturing facility from scratch but also the sourcing of quality raw ingredients from all around the world.

During this research period they learned of a world recognized bio-scientist Prof. Dr. Munem A. Daoud. PhD. BSc, ND who had developed many successful and unique formulas for the pharmaceutical industry but who in the early 90’s switched his ‘allegiance’ and thereafter devoted his skills and knowledge to the natural products industry.

Warren sought him out and he agreed to develop a couple of formulas for Warren and Lance who had started putting together the infrastructure of a new organization called Xtend-Life but as yet did not have any products.

Early in 2000 Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Ltd went ‘live’ and made available to the public its first generation of Total Balance a highly sophisticated multi nutrient supplement (as opposed to a multi vitamin/mineral supplement). Dr Munem now directs the Xtend-Life Research and Development Department and has become a close friend of Warren’s.

Since the first products were released in 2000 Xtend-Life has enjoyed a steady growth thanks to an ever increasing foundation of loyal customers who purchase products every month and refer their friends and family to Xtend-Life as well.

This has enabled the Company to develop additional products and continually refine those it has. The company’s manufacturing facilities are world class and because of the efficacy and quality of its products it now supplies customers in more than 95 countries.


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