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Photo of Warren Matthews Chairman XtendLife Natural ProductsHere’s how I captured those 20 extra
years of healthy living…

… I spent over a year researching nutrients that could fortify my body. Not just ordinary vitamins – but powerful, age-defying, cell essential nutrients that have a solid, scientific track record - proving they can rev up energy levels... and quite frankly - extend my life with healthy years.

What I discovered was that most of the supplements on the market at that time were – in my opinion - a joke. They simply couldn't provide the high octane nutrients your body needs to rejuvenate and infuse optimum energy in your cells to S-L-O-W aging to a crawl!

Then my life changed… again…

That's when I met Dr. Munem Daoud. - probably one of the most brilliant bio-scientists on the planet. Dr. Daoud, now retired, was a sought-after professor with extensive experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical and nutritional fields. I showed him what I had come up with for a cell rejuvenating, multi-nutrient formula. He reviewed my nutrient protocol and confidently said, “I can do better than that!” And did he ever!

Dr. Daoud developed a one-of-a kind complete nutrient system that revitalizes your body at the cellular level. This unique formula contained over 70 powerful enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, micro-nutrients, and age defying properties that have now been shown to fight off health problems – and slow down cellular aging. This formula works by targeting all the major organs in the body – giving them the nutrients they need to self-repair at the cellular level! It was truly a breakthrough discovery!

This powerful formula - called Total Balance™ - does exactly what the name says: It helps you restore your body's natural core balance to help you experience optimum health! This was a revolutionary formulation. Here's why…

… while most products were promising to help treat specific health problems – and falling short on those promises - Total Balance™ delivered the right nutrients your cells need – so they can fix themselves!

With an abundance of cellular fuel – your body can self-repair - faster and better than ever! That way you maintain optimum core health – which is – in my opinion – the real secret to longevity!

The science behind the self-correcting properties of the ingredients in Total Balance™ were amazing – and almost unbelievable! So I had to try it – and prove it to myself.

And a funny thing happened…

… as time went on, I noticed I wasn't waking up at nights to pee frequently… My mental focus was sharper… energy levels soared! Yes, my “get up and go” was getting me up and going! I was now convinced the scientific data on the power of the amazing nutrients was true!

That was 14 years ago…

Today, at 66 - I feel better, stronger, more energized than I did when I was in my 50s! I’ve got the energy to scuba dive… sail my 38-ft Polynesian catamaran from New Zealand to Thailand… build a successful business… run around with my grandchildren… and do just about anything I feel like! Plus – I have no aches or pains… haven’t caught a cold or flu in ages… and don’t take any prescription drugs!

I really believe I've got another 20… 30… even 40 years of healthy living ahead of me – thanks to a healthy lifestyle and the potent nutritional supplements my company is dedicated to providing!

Since my original goal was to add an additional 20 years of healthy living to my life - it was a no brainer to name my company Xtend-Life™!

For the past 14 years - Xtend-Life Natural Products has remained the exclusive developer, manufacturer and supplier of Total Balance™. This is the same high-potency complete nutrient system – along with our specialized supplements - that helped me regain my vitality, endurance and renewed health.

And as new research and nutritional discoveries are uncovered – we continue to fine tune the Total Balance™ formula. That way you receive the optimum cutting edge nutrients – at the optimum levels you need - for high energy living!

Now in its eighth generation of formulation – Total Balance™ is the only complete nutrient system of its kind!

Total Balance™ is the first component of our Core Wellness Activators. Combining this comprehensive cell-fueling formula with our exclusive line of Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil™ for circulation support…

… and our proprietary digestive blend called Kiwi-Klenz™ for optimum nutrient assimilation and bowel health…

… and you’ve got the solid foundation you need to ignite and optimize cell health for vitality and longevity!

I’m a firm believer that nothing happens by coincidence…

As I look back, I’m thankful for that bad business deal that wiped me out financially. If it hadn’t happened – I would have probably accepted growing old with aches and pains – assuming it’s just a normal part of aging. But that’s nonsense!

And if you’re reading this message right now – I don’t think it’s by chance. You’re ready for a new approach to achieving optimal health.

I uncovered a genuine and real “fountain of youth’ – a complete nutrient system that helps your body self-correct so you can fight off a host of health problems. And Xtend-Life™ has created a trio of Core Wellness Activators – to help you experience the long and healthy life you deserve. So if you desire more energy, stamina, vitality – and even a little “health insurance” against common old age health problems – I invite you to try this revolutionary approach to self-healing – so you can live the life you want!

I’m so confident that the Core Wellness Activators will make a profound impact on your health – I’m GUARANTEEING your results!

If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with your results - you PAY NOTHING. All I ask is that you give these remarkable nutrients a chance to work their “magic” on your health.

I think that’s fair, don’t you?

To learn more about the Core Wellness Activators Click here

Yours for vim, vigor and vitality – and decades of healthy living!

Image of Warren Matthews signature


P.S. FEELING better with our exclusive nutritional supplements is just the tip of the iceberg! We’re going to help you LOOK younger with our nutritional-based line of skin care products! That’s right! We develop and manufacture a unique Xtend-Life™ skin care line that works synergistically with our nutritional supplements. Discover the age-defying properties that “youth-ify” your skin- and fight off the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! And if it’s not safe enough to eat – you won’t find it in our skin care products!

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